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Found 8 results

  1. Given the increasing use of Null-Space Monte Carlo analyses in models, it is a significant gap that they cannot be done for MODFLOW-USG models. Any chance this could be added?
  2. Hi there, When I want to map my conceptual model on UGrid (Unstructured Grid) , it works till 6% and then it shows the following error: "Boost. Geometry overlay invalid input exception" I stuck in this step and I need your precious help. Any points would be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance for your time and help.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm building a multilayer model with GMS (MODFLOW-USG) for a region in Portugal and i start the calibration fase. Can anyone tell me the best way to calibrate my model? I'm thinking about to using the pilot point method, but i cant find a tutorial on how to proceed for calibration of multilayer models... Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi there, I'm having a problem related with assigning specified flow boundary conditions to my UGrid / Modflow-USG model. The error appears when I do the '' Map to MODFLOW'' option while converting my conceptual model to UGrid numerical model. I have read the helping document saying that If you want to use ''Specified flow boundary condition'' the UGrid must be a stacked grid. A stacked grid is one in which there is no vertical discritization of layers and the horizontal discritization of all layers is the same. (i.e. the Index of Vertical Sub-Discretization (IVSD) in the UnStructured Grid Discretization (DISU) package could be set to -1) (See the Figure attached). Firstly, I did not understand what this means and how to find the IVSD in the DISU package and set it to -1 to be able to use specified flow boundary condition. In my model there are 2 groundwater divide boundaries which must be zero flow and 2 formation boundaries where the aquifer feeds from neighboring formations with a specified flow value. If I ll have to change my specified flow bound. cond. with something else or If there is a way to use them, could you please help me to find the solution? Thank You!
  5. Hi. I'm trying to calibrate a USG groundwater model, but in my observation points (after run MODFLOW), the values of computed head is 0. why can happen that? Thank you, Bastián.
  6. Hi All, We are working on a large sub-watershed mine dewatering model using MODFLOW-USG where we have to change material properties with time. To do so we are conducting 1 year simulations and stop the model, change the material properties in a new model and read in the previous model heads as starting heads for the next year of dewatering. Although this is somewhat combersome it is working fairly well. Where we are runnigng into a snag is we are using the stream package, which makes it necessary to change the stage in the stream package based on the calculated stream stage from the previous model run. Any help on how to import (copy/paste) the calculated stage from a previous run is appreciated. Cheers - Greg B.
  7. Hi All, I am trying to model two high angle faults (>80 degrees) and two low angle fault (~60 degrees) and was planning on using the HFB package for all of the faults to simulate the high gouge content in the hanging wall of the faults. This works great for the high angle faults where I have assumed them to be vertical, however with the lower angle faults there seems to be some potential for vertical pathways were there are larger layers in the lower portion of the model. Is there any way other than just changing cells aquifer properties to limit vertical flow? Thank you - Greg
  8. Has anyone experienced gaps in boundary conditions (not all cells along a boundary arc are being assigned the boundary condition) with MODFLOW-USG or after converting a structured grid to an unstructured grid? What could be causing this problem? Greg
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