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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am currently trying to work through the Stratigraphy Modeling - TIN Surfaces tutorial and none of the TIN commands are available. For example when I import the verts.gpr file into GMS the tutorial says to to right-click on Verts and select triangulate. I don't have that option. I have also tried on a new project to create a new TIN and I do not have that option either. To utilize TINs do I need to do something else to start that the tutorial would be skipping? I am currently utilizing the GMS 10.2.5 version if that helps. Thank you in advanced for your help.
  2. piccolr

    Transient TINs

    Dear all, I'm currently dealing with a MODFLOW simulation where the head of an unconfined aquifer changes in time. The assumption is that for a given time and in correspondence of the channel network, the head of the aquifer stays dz meters below the surface. In order to impose suitable boundary conditions, I created a TIN based on the GMS grid (i.e. the two coincide) and I let the TIN have different time step (in order to do this I first exported the TIN, modified it adding nt columns that account for the distance dz of the aquifer from the surface, where nt is the number of time step conside
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