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Found 2 results

  1. Dear GMS users, I have created my stratigraphy using “boreholes and horizons” method consists of four materials named “Alluvium (yellow)”, “Tertiary (pink)”, “Ophiolite (green)”, and “Hawasina (turquoise)” units. Horizon IDs are numbered for these units consecutively in the order that the strata are deposited (from the bottom up). So, the assigned horizon IDs for these “Alluvium”, “Tertiary”, “Ophiolite”, and “Hawasina” units are “4”, “3”, “2”, and “1”, respectively. Now, I want to map the generated stratigraphy (solid) to the 3D grid using the “Boundary Matching” option. I could not find any more documents about the theory / concept of this method except of “GMS; MODFLOW-Generating Data from Solids” tutorial. The main question is about the number of layers in the 3D grid and how we can define. Is it necessary to determine the initial layer length for the 3D grid layers or it will be automatically inherited from the solid? Is there any relation between unit numbers in the solid and 3D grid layers? For example, when I assigned layer range for the units in the solid as the table, it worked with some problems in the generated 3D grid. I have also tested many other combinations but without success and faced error as “Error in layer assignments to Solids, aborting”. Alluvium Tertiary Ophiolite Hawasina Begin layer 1 1 1 1 End layer 1 2 3 4 Can anyone provide me some insight / comments into what is going on about the mapping Solid to 3D grid (cross sections attached)? Best, Ata
  2. Hi, I am having some difficulty with my model and am following the Modflow- Generating Data from Solids tutorial. I am up to section 6.3 where I am selecting Feature Objects| Activate cells in coverage. The problem I encounter is that the only layer left in the grid is the first layer in the z direction (top to bottom). If you could either tell me when it is doing this or give me a suggestion, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
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