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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am struggling with exporting the river coverage to shapefile - mainly I want to export the nodes with its ID and the head stages to shapefile I do it in standard way: Export Coverage - and choosing the .shp extension. Then I can export arcs and point file (polygon no as my coverage doesnt contain any polygons). The shp with arcs is exported without any problem, but what I am mainly interested is the shapefile with points. That is created but it doesn' t contain any data. (it contains just the names of attributes, but under that novalue). Is there any problem? According to gms wiki, should be possible to export head stages of rivers. My aim is to export GMS ID of nodes of the coverage (to have the information of X, Y coordinate and GMS ID), so I thought exporting to shapefile would be the easiest way. Is there any other possibility how to export ID of the Nodes with its XY coordinates from coverage to some format that can be then easilly processed (e.g excel,?) Thank you for any advice (I am using GMS 10.1.05) Petra
  2. Hello, I have a point shapefile that I am trying to import into SMS as scatter data. The data was created in ArcMap and each point as an associated elevation. I was able to import it into SMS but it comes in under GIS data instead of scatter data. Is there a different way I should be brining in this data? I do not have access to GMS or WMS and was therefore unable to try the answers I found on those forums for similar situations. Thank you.
  3. I apologize, but I am new to GMS and relatively new to Modflow. I have a two layer model with glacial till on top of a bedrock layer for a large watershed. I have my rivers as a polygon shapefile with the data as attributes. Each cell has one polygon associated with it since I intersected my modflow grid and ID each river segment by the cell number (see image right side: Top elevation = surface elevation attribute, riverbed elevation= thalwegM_1, and bottom of grid cell is the berktop attribute, and starting head = StartHead1) I import this into the conceptual model where I have one line for each polygon. I understand that GMS will multiple my conductance value by the area within each cell. However, when I map this to modflow, I have multiple lines per grid cell in the River sources and sinks. Can anyone explain to me where these values are all coming from? (see image left side) I think that they are coming from each effected side of the grid cell? In this example cell, I don't know where the last line is coming from. The stage and elevation are much lower and the conductance is so much higher. Thank you anyone for the clarification! Tammy
  4. Sometimes it is necessary to assign longer names to points in GMS coverages. If you export the coverage out of GMS as a shapefile GMS crops the longer names. It would be nice if GMS would allow longer names to be exported to shapefiles.
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