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Found 12 results

  1. arto

    Modflow - modpath

    I have a one grid layer steady state modflow model in gms 10 . When I put one particle at a distance of 100 meters away from the intake well, it entered the well in 70 days with default porosity value of 0.3. Material K value is 0.002 m/s. Then I changed the porosity value to value 0.01 and after running modflow again, GMS informs that particle enters the well in two and a half days. I"m "confused", when there is less amount of effective pores available for ground water to move then GMS tells that water moves faster (from one place to other) ?
  2. I am running a transient MODFLOW scenario using the NWT solver with UPW. We are doing significant dewatering in this scenario and the water is drawn down through several layers (necessary due to geology). The MODPATh model will run for a while and then crash due to "cell thickness is negative in" some cell. I believe particles are entering cells where the CHD and NWT have the water table below the bottom of the cell which is causing MODPATH to crash. Is there any way to fix this? I already have MOODFLOW outputting head at the end of every timestep and the IPHDRY set to a positive number. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  3. Hi, When I try to add particles using MODPATH to any model, GMS crashes without any warning or error message. I've tried with several different models, both complex and simple (all in SS), but nothing seems to work. Any idea what is causing this or how I should proceed to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  4. When the "Create Particles at Wells" command is used, GMS could have the starting locations remember the name of the well that they were created around and include that information in the Pathline Report.
  5. Hi, I am encountering a problem where the GMS interface crashes when I select "Create particles at selected cells" from the MODPATH menu after selecting a few cells in the MODFLOW model. I've tried this with several different models, both transient and steady state, with the same results. There don't seem to be any error messages or evidence of why the interface fails when this option is selected. I am using GMS 10.2.2 64-bit with modpath5_0_h5.exe. Any suggestions on how to debug? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have a multilayer (9 layers) GMS modflow model. I need to select cells within a rectangle area in only three layers (say layers 3,4, and 5) to run modpath and provide these loacations as starting locations for forward particle tracking. Would you please let me know how to do this? I also noticed that, selecting all the cells within the rectangle area also selects lots of cells and running forward tracking hangs the computer. Therefore, I made set of points spaced apart farther than cell dimensions so I can use the option "intersecting objects". Can I select intersecting cells of these points within the rectangle and within only 3 layers? Please let me know. I appreciate your help. Lalith
  7. Hi, I need to run modpath from a selected well out of many wells in my GMS project. Is this possible? According to xmswiki, I see such option is available in GMS (http://xmswiki.com/wiki/GMS:MODPATH_Particle_Tracking). Please see the option marked in red below. --------------------------------------- Generate Particles at Wells – Accessed in the MODPATH menu. This command automatically generates particle starting locations in cells containing wells. The specified number of particle starting locations are distributed evenly in a horizontal circle around the center of the cells containing the wells. Specify the number of starting locations per cell, and whether the user wants starting locations created in extraction well cells, or injection well cells. Injection Wells – If this option is selected, particles are created in cells with wells that have a positive flow rate. The tracking direction for the current particle set is changed to forward. Extraction Wells – If this option is selected, particles are created in cells with wells that have a negative flow rate. The tracking direction for the current particle set is changed to backward. Selected Wells – This option makes it possible to generate particles at either all wells or only at wells within selected cells. ---------------------------------------- However, I see only first two option in GMS. I have the most recent version GMS with all up-to-date.Am I missing something here? I appreciate your response. Thank you, Lalith
  8. Hi, Is there a way to "flag" particle generated by Modpath to the well they come from? I'm using Modpath to evaluate residence time for 50 wells. I'm using 100 to 300 particle per well. It would be convenient if i could track back from which well the particle are from in the pathline report of GMS. Sylvain
  9. Hello, I have some trouble on determine particle sets in a transient model. I found in the manual that is possible doing it manually, but I didn't get it, What I hace to do? Thanks
  10. Hello, I am using modpath and I would like to obtain the breakthrough curves in a horizontal barrier. How can I do that? Thanks
  11. Hi, is there a way to batch export GIS shapefiles of particle tracking pathlines in GMS? I have a moflow model that has several extraction wells (16). I ran modpath for tracking particles for different time periods (8 different times) and created GIS shapefiles (16 x 8 = 128). I was able to export these GIS shapefiles only one by one This is a repetitive, time consuming and tedious work. Is there a way to export all of these or selected shapefiles in one attempt (such as batch export)? Thank you, Lalith
  12. Hi All, Is there a way to export MODPATH path lines with directional arrows in the form of GIS or AutoCAD? My client needs these pathlines in GIS or CAD format with arrows spaced at specified time interval. Thank you, Lalith
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