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Found 4 results

  1. Is it possible to treat scatters with the lidar tools for classification and so ? i have the *.txt with points from a lidar flight, i want to use the classification tools to clean/eliminate high vegetation and buildings for example. Any contribution will be appreciate ... Regards! Tamis
  2. Hi, I'm new to ArcGIS and AHGW, as well as LiDAR data. I have a student license for ArcGIS 10.1, and downloaded the demo version of AHGW 3.3.0. I recently downloaded and mosaicked several LiDAR scenes in ArcMap for a mountaintop mine site in eastern KY. I want to work with this DEM in ArcGIS AHGW to generate subsurface stratigraphy, pre- and post-mining volume calculations, etc.. I'm working my way through the AHGW tutorials. However, when I display the DEM in ArcScene it isn't in 3D. Does anyone know what I need to do to the image to use it in ArcScene, e.g., turn it into a TIN or something else? I'm working on a project for my graduate-level spatial analysis class which is due in 10 days (long story...data I was trying to procure for my site never materialized so I'm down to the wire). Any help would be greatly appreciated since everyone's gone home for the holidays! I've attached a .jpg of the LiDAR data I mosaicked for my mine site. I'm excited to be a part of this community and will likely have a ton of questions. I appreciate your assistance and patience as I teach myself how to use the software. Thanks, Stephanie
  3. Hi Everybody, I wonder how possible to use LiDAR data with GMS. For an example, lets say I have some groundwater monitoring bores in my study area. So I use a "bores.txt" file to upload those borehole data in GMS (Similar to "holes.text" file in tutorial - "Boreholes and Cross Sections") . Now I want to snap the tops of those bores to a surface which is the surface of top soil in my study area. According to "Boreholes and Cross Sections" tutorial I should have a TIN file (with .tin extension - page 5) to do that. But I have only LiDAR data as a LAS data set to represent my study area. So could anyone please tell me how to achieve it using my LiDAR data? In fact I have used ArcGIS to generate the TIN surface for the study area with LiDAR LAS data. But I can't export that TIN surface as a file with ".tin" extension using ArcGIS (ArcMap). So I wonder if I can use GMS to generate TIN surface with LiDAR data. OR is there any other way of getting this done? Thanks - Nathan
  4. Hi, Using 9.0.2, I have built the framework for a model which incorporates LIDAR for ground surface elevations (GSE) and horizons from borings for the underlying layers. When I push all of this to the 3D grid, the topography of the GSE seems to manifest itself in the lower layers. The ground surface is anthropogenic and should not have any bearing on the surface of the lower layers. Is the behavior I am seeing supposed to be happening or did I miss a setting when I pushed everything to the 3D Grid (Map to Modflow and Horizons to Solids->Solids to Modflow)? Thanks, Dale Bridgford
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