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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I've been attempting to export values for drain and recharge in cells as imported from the ccf-file. However, when exporting shapefiles of the ugrid with MODFLOW data, and selecting the DRAIN and RECHARGE information, the values are defaulted to 0 instead of displaying the values I can see in GMS. Is there any way to export this information as either a shape- or rasterfile?
  2. Hi All, I would like to check the effectiveness of using canals to draining water into the ground with the gravity (opposite of drain) without using injection well. How do I model this in GMS modflow? Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you, Lalith
  3. Hey, I have a problem, when I use the drain package. I want to model streams with the drain package in the form of polylines. Additionally, I want to apply a general form of draining using the drain package in the form of polygons. However, when I map both coverages to MODFLOW NWT, the model writes: Array allocation failed: ilupc-iluk. What does this mean? I have tried mapping each coverages separately and when MODFLOW NWT as no problem running :S Best regards Merete
  4. Hi I have build a steady state model in GMS using the conceptuel approach generating solids and streams. I wanted to incoprate drains into my model using a polygon based shapefile. This is no problem until I run a simulation check in MODFLOW. Then I get the folowing error: Error: Drain elevation is below cell bottom in cell i=31, j=52, k=1 for stress period 1. .... ... ... and so on for several cells. What does this error message mean? The model run without any problems. Thanks-
  5. Hi Im trying to modell the drawdown and the drawup of brine by simulating seepage into a tunnel. The modell is in 2D, width and "height/depth". I'm wondering what the best way to do this is. DRAIN seems to be a good way to take the seepage/leakage into the tunnel away from the model because as I have understood it, it couples the head and the seepage to each other. The question is, how do I calculate the conductance-parameter, or should I just try different values to get an appropriate value of the seepage? How is the DRAIN affected by the elevation and head above? Is the elevation-parameter the level at which the drain/tunnel is situated or the head above? Is there any way to easily create a gradient of brine in SEAWAT? The brine is has more salt at deeper depth in the area being modelled. Is this the best way to modell the situation, or do you have any other way to suggest? WIth regards /robinb
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