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Found 7 results

  1. Dear All: I have a problem related to use WMS for building the bathymetry of Ce-Qual-W2. I closely followed the tutoiral :http://wmstutorials-10.0.aquaveo.com/35%20WaterQualityModeling-CEQUALW2.pdf. The problem is : 1. For 6.2 Create Branches, I want to only build one branch for my research area. After I created branch coverage, should I also right-click on the “Branch” coverage and select Build Polygon? When I do like this, the wms was crashed (I tested several times). 2. If I didn't build the polygon for my branch, I can continue to build the segment. However, when I finis
  2. Hello, I have created this tin file from the ascii grid. I was wondering what is a good way to remove the redundant triangles? Thank you so much, Sepideh
  3. Hello all I am getting confused with the way in which I need to create my bathymetry file in WMS for CE-QUAL-W2 in terms of the initial water surface elevation for my model run. I have been provided a reservoir bathymetry map that was created when the reservoir was at a level of ~509 masl. This is in the form of a raster file from ArcGIS, and I have exported the data as an ASCII file and opened it as a DEM in WMS to be converted to a TIN (as recommended previously on this forum). Therefore the maximum elevation of the TIN in WMS is ~509 masl. But this is not the maximum water surface elevati
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere in this forum, but I'm a research student modelling water quality with CE-QUAL-W2, new to both WMS and CE-QUAL-W2, and I'm finding the tutorials/Wiki pages confusing. I would like to create my lake bathymetry in ArcGIS as I have ArcGIS shapefiles and I am applying Kriging, using both land and lake elevation data points, in the interpolation. I then want to just export my masked lake area to WMS to create the segments needed for CE-QUAL-W2. All I've been demonstrated how to do is to import my ArcGIS interpolated data points into WMS as a CSV fil
  5. Is there a way to reduce the minimum width that WMS resolves for each layer for CE-QUAL-W2? I have a stream with low flows and need to resolve those widths well (we've put in quite a bit of effort to get a good GIS coverage of the thalwag). Right now, the smallest width that WMS outputs in the bth_wb1.npt file is 5 m, regardless of the layer thickness. Thanks drew
  6. Using WMS 8.4, I have had issues numbering the CE-QUAL-W2 segments. Everytime I select the upstream segment for a branch, multiple segments for that branch and the other branches are assigned the same segments ID. And when I select CE-QUAL-W2:Segment Numbering, I get numerous copies of a segment with identical feature attributes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  7. I just recieved WMS and am just learning it, so please forgive me if this is a simple question. I have a long river that I am modeling in CE-QUAL-W2. I would like to bring in segments defined in ArcGIS to automate things as much as possible. I haven't seen in the tutorials on how that can be done (or if it can be). Is that something that we can reasonably do? Thanks drew
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