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Found 7 results

  1. Dear All: I have a problem related to use WMS for building the bathymetry of Ce-Qual-W2. I closely followed the tutoiral :http://wmstutorials-10.0.aquaveo.com/35%20WaterQualityModeling-CEQUALW2.pdf. The problem is : 1. For 6.2 Create Branches, I want to only build one branch for my research area. After I created branch coverage, should I also right-click on the “Branch” coverage and select Build Polygon? When I do like this, the wms was crashed (I tested several times). 2. If I didn't build the polygon for my branch, I can continue to build the segment. However, when I finished building the segment and want to do the 8.2 "Branch Identification", the computer crashed again when I select CE-QUAL-W2 | Map Segments ↔ Branches. Could anyone help me find a reason for these two crashes? What I do is closely followed the steps in the tutorial. The bathymetry and the segments are attached below. Note, I deselect the Triangles in the display option. Many thanks and look forward for the reply! Best Cheers Chenxi
  2. Hello, I have created this tin file from the ascii grid. I was wondering what is a good way to remove the redundant triangles? Thank you so much, Sepideh
  3. Hello all I am getting confused with the way in which I need to create my bathymetry file in WMS for CE-QUAL-W2 in terms of the initial water surface elevation for my model run. I have been provided a reservoir bathymetry map that was created when the reservoir was at a level of ~509 masl. This is in the form of a raster file from ArcGIS, and I have exported the data as an ASCII file and opened it as a DEM in WMS to be converted to a TIN (as recommended previously on this forum). Therefore the maximum elevation of the TIN in WMS is ~509 masl. But this is not the maximum water surface elevation of the reservoir water level data (just the elevation at the time the DEM reservoir boundary was created), sometimes the water level goes up to ~511 masl. So my first question is how should I address this in WMS when setting up the CE-QUAL-W2 interface? The second question refers to the CE-QUAL-W2 bathymetry input file created in WMS. When I follow the tutorial and set the 'top elevation' when calculating the rating curve, layers etc for the segments. What is the 'top elevation' exactly? Is it the maximum elevation of the TIN, the maximum elevation the water reaches during the model run, or in is my initial water surface elevation on the first day of the model run? I.e. Should I be creating a new bathymetry input file in WMS each time I run the model depending on the initial water level on the day the model run starts? Sorry it's long winded, but I'd be grateful for all guidance anybody can provide!!! Many thanks
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere in this forum, but I'm a research student modelling water quality with CE-QUAL-W2, new to both WMS and CE-QUAL-W2, and I'm finding the tutorials/Wiki pages confusing. I would like to create my lake bathymetry in ArcGIS as I have ArcGIS shapefiles and I am applying Kriging, using both land and lake elevation data points, in the interpolation. I then want to just export my masked lake area to WMS to create the segments needed for CE-QUAL-W2. All I've been demonstrated how to do is to import my ArcGIS interpolated data points into WMS as a CSV file with XYZ coordinates and then triangulate in WMS. But to me that seems like I am running two types of interpolation on the same data set?? What is the best way to simply import the prepared DEM, raster file, or TIN into WMS as already prepared ArcGIS data, and simply add the segments, branches etc in WMS without re-editing/interpolating. It is a very simple Lake bathymetry map I need, with inflow/outflow, with no watershed or tributaries etc. Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!!
  5. Is there a way to reduce the minimum width that WMS resolves for each layer for CE-QUAL-W2? I have a stream with low flows and need to resolve those widths well (we've put in quite a bit of effort to get a good GIS coverage of the thalwag). Right now, the smallest width that WMS outputs in the bth_wb1.npt file is 5 m, regardless of the layer thickness. Thanks drew
  6. Using WMS 8.4, I have had issues numbering the CE-QUAL-W2 segments. Everytime I select the upstream segment for a branch, multiple segments for that branch and the other branches are assigned the same segments ID. And when I select CE-QUAL-W2:Segment Numbering, I get numerous copies of a segment with identical feature attributes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  7. I just recieved WMS and am just learning it, so please forgive me if this is a simple question. I have a long river that I am modeling in CE-QUAL-W2. I would like to bring in segments defined in ArcGIS to automate things as much as possible. I haven't seen in the tutorials on how that can be done (or if it can be). Is that something that we can reasonably do? Thanks drew
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