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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to animate a couple of projects I made in ArcScene. I've read and watched a number of tutorials on ArcGIS animation, but still can't find the answer I'm looking for. I want to make an animation where I show different layer attribute IDs fading in and out opposed to showing the entire layer all at once. For example, I want to animate the Geosection to Points tutorial layers such as the Borepoints, GeoSection, Horizon rasters, and GeoVolumes where I show the borepoints for different horizons separately fading in and out, then the GeoSection, followed by the different horizon
  2. Hello, I am using an AHGW evaluation license and working my way through the tutorials. I have tried again and again to complete the Creating Rasters from Cross Sections tuturial, but I can never create geovolumes. I think perhaps I've pinpointed my problem down to the GeoSections to Points tool. Every time I try the very first step (i.e., using the GeoSection to Points tool) using the Woburn_geosection_to_points.sxd, the BorePoints feature class attribute table doesn't seem to be updating correctly with the new 3D points. As the tutorial states, you should be able to open the BorePoints fe
  3. Hello, I am going through the Well Construction tutorial using my own data and am having issues when I use the Transform XS2D Well Detail Line. When I go through the steps and add the information, the tool runs and populates the WellConstructionLine feature class but the features are not visible in the same extent as the borelines on the cross section. I'm not even seeing an extent in the Source tab within the properties. I have the WellConstructionLine in the same feature dataset so I'm not quite sure why this is happening. I have attached a screen shot of the borelines at the top of the page
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