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  1. I can send you the files ... if you give me the promise, that you will not release them outside of aquaveo, because they contain data of one of our clients .... please write me email to lba (at) gwc.sk and i will send them to you I cannot reconstruct the bug any more because i was using 30day trial which already run out .... but I will gladly assist you ..... Lubomir
  2. There is a bug in zonal classification: if you have more scenarios with results and small geometry change and you want to run on all the same zonal classification which you have in .TXT file first runs well and when you open second and try the same zonal classification (which is in the memory) the SMS crashes completely or starts display error messages when you close SMS and start nefore second scenario again it works perfectly.
  3. According to the FST2DH documentation it is possible to define not only total inflow (as positive value) but also total outflow as negative value (FST2DH manual page 7-7) in BC nodestrings But SMS refuses negative values, is it intentional ? SMS can be fooled when specifying the time varying BC and then it allows negative values. and the calculation seems correct.
  4. I have no unused nodes .... all are members of the net that is why I consider this an error
  5. I have setup with little more than 10000 nodes and when I run SMS if firsts starts GFGEN and prepares geometry and end with error (or it seems so) listing from GFGEN ====== TABS-MD GEOMETRY FILE GENERATION PROGRAM ====== ====== GFGEN VERSION 4.56 1D AND 2D CAPABILITY ====== ====== LAST MODIFICATION DATE: 04-18-2005 ====== >>> Plotting de-activated <<< >>> Original Author: Dr. Ian P. King of RMA <<< >>> Modified and Maintained by USACE ERDC:CHL <<< This executable is dimensioned for Maximum node number = 225000 Maximum element number = 75000 . . . --> Binary geometry file has been written Num of unused nodes exceeds MAXUUN= 10000 STOP in info_geo. and I cannot continue ..... when I execute Run RMA2 from SMS second time it runs without problems since binary geometry exists ....... and RMA2 calculates results no problem Is 10000 nodes too high for RMS2, the above mentioned ERROR message of GFGEN is not documeted anywhere. If it is an error in GFGEN plese forward this to autor of the code thanks
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