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  1. I deleted both the WMS.ini file and, when that made no changes, the specific tin .ini file. My contours are turned on. All the elevation values look reasonable (when I look specifically at elevation values) Minimum value for contour: 0 Maximum value for contour: 5725 (these are also reasonable) So what can I do to get the contours back?
  2. I saved a TIN in progress, and WMS 7.1 shut down shortly afterwards. When I reopened the file, the contours were no longer displayed. I have tried everything I can think of to display the contours, including opening the file in 7.0, and the data looks fine. Has anyone seen this problem before?
  3. I'm having problems building CE-QUAL segments. While building Branches, the arcs snap right to the feature boundary as long as I click close enough to the boundary, but the segments are not connecting at all. Is anyone else having an issue with this? Is there a way to set snap tolerance?
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