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  1. I tried it and it worked! Thanks...must of missed it in the documentation... Thanks everyone.
  2. Thanks for looking at this - in my original data set (not the tutorial) I compensated for the "dip in stratigrpahy" by adding the top elevation of the boreholes to the scatter point file that I used to create the tin. That way I had vertices in the Tin that exactly matched the top elevation for each borehole - and therefore no error in interpolation. I have the same error message with or without these additional vertices added in. I haven't tried bringing up individual x-sections to snap to the tin...not even sure how but will try (it doesn't seem to be covered in the "official" tutorial documentation...). I was hoping the "official" way would work as it is suppose to... Britt
  3. Some additional information: I went back to my original data set - I had not manually connected ALL the boreholes for x-sections. So, taking the manually created x-section - I used the "auto create blank sections" to fill in the portions I didn't connect - which it did ok. I then went to "snap x-section to tin" and the sections that were auto created were correctly "snapped" but the ones that were manually created were not...same error message for the ones manually created. Manually creating with a "mirror view" didn't work either. Stumped.
  4. Thanks - I'll try the mirror view --- Q: did you try to reproduce my error using the tutorial file (as a standard?) and it worked OK...and are you using the current build - tyring to figure out if it's me or the program.
  5. Thanks for the response - I discovered this feature while working with a much larger data set. I did try the "snp to tin" on both the larger data set early on and the manually constructed x-section in the tutorial - it did not change the resutls (same error message). I only tried the tutorial to see if I could reproduce the issue with a "standard" data set - which it did. As a side note - it is strange that the "automatic x-section" tool works fine - without requiring "snap to tin" but the manually created x-section does not (I even tried the automatic x-section before importing the tin...). Also - I tried creating a tin using the original boreholes (imported as a scatter point converted to tin) - so the location of the vertices should have matched exactly with the bore hole top elevations...worked OK with the automatic x-section but NOT with the manual x-section... Thanks
  6. Using build 6.5.4 I have reproduced the following response using the tutorial files: 1. Open holes.txt 2. automatically create blank x-section 3. Open top_elev.tin 4. Snap to TIN works correctly BUT if I: 1. Open holes.txt 2. Manually create the same x-section as shown on sect 6.3 of the Strat Modeling tutorial 3. Open top_elev.tin 4. Snap to Tin gives the following error message: "Top Arc on cross section(s): .... can not be snapped to TIN because it does not have any vertices." I'm hoping I'm missing a simple step. thanks
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