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  1. Wow!! Forget my post!. I found the problem. At least, I have been able to put the problem on the table. Now I'll see if I can run it!!
  2. Well, I prepare the coverages, see image 01. But when I try to see the transect I get the windows 02 and 03 (no transects in the simulation). And when trying tu run, I get the window 04. I previously have exported the files, but nothing is saved in the directory. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Jose
  3. Now, I export the files, launch... and nothing happens!. Only a window appears, telling "click on a bar", but showing no bars.
  4. Wow!!! It was quuuuiiiittteeee hidden!!!!! Thanks, Alan
  5. I'm pretty sure that this is a stupid question but ...... where the hell is the button to run a Runup/overtopping simulation with BOUSS-2D? I have introduced all the coveraqges, but don't know how to run the simulation. Cheers, Jose
  6. You're wellcome, Rusty. But this is not your fault. As far as I can see, it's Microsoft's fault! Cheers,
  7. Dear Colleagues: This is only a help for the case you get problems when installaing SMS. I have just moved to Windows 7 ultimate, and SMS could not be installed. I got a message "Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly - HRESULT: 0x80070020". I haved spent some 5 or 6 hours looking for a solution, since I am in a hurry, trying to finish a modelling. Well, after finding several possible solutions and buying a couple of cleaners, the way to fix the problem was very, very simple: - The main problem is the size limit of the registry - The solution: -- Open the registry (regedit) -- Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ---------System ---------CurrentControlSet ---------Control ------------ Key: RegistrySizeLimit, type REG_DWORD ------------ Change the size to FFFFFFFF -- Close and reinitiate Cheers, Jose
  8. Dear Colleagues: I would like to use results of CMS in ArcGIS. Is there any chance to export results (specifically line of run-up) to a shape or similar? Thanks, Jose
  9. Dear colleagues: I am running a simulation in a complex sandy coast, Southern Spain. You can see more info here. In my detailed grid there should be an important sediment transport current from the west, coming into the grid, and making a spit to grow eastwards. My question is, how can I tell the model that I have sucha a current in the BC? I guess that cross shore is the deal, but it gives me some error ("the cell string is not an offshore boundary", or something like that). Can you give me a clue, please? I am using the beta of version 11. Regards, Jose
  10. Perhaps the solution is generating the signal, externaly to BOUSS2D (by the way, I suggest to include this utility in SMS), for instance with Matlab or other, and input not directly the white noise, but the signal. Have anybody done something like that? Cheers, Jose
  11. Hi, friends. I am trying to teach my pupils to account for resonance in harbour basins. The problem is how to input the white noise. If I am right, the easier way is preparing the spectra and use an spf-type file as input. But the question is... can anybody tell me what is the structure of spf files? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Jose
  12. Dear Colleagues: I am working in an interesting work, involving waves, tides, wind and sediment transport. I am running a regional model on tides, with ADCIRC, and transfering the results to CMS as boundary conditions. But nothing happens. All what I get is the attached figure. Can you give me a clue? Regards, Jose
  13. Hello, Colleagues: I was wondering if any of you have used ADCIRC or CMSFlow to model a Tsunami. Regards, Jose
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