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  1. As a follow-up note to the original question: Many of the data models including Arc Hydro and Arc Hydro Groundwater have relationships in the geodatabase thus it is sometimes problematic to edit data because in ArcView you cannot edit tables/feature classes that have a relationship. Fortunately, our tools are not based on relationships between the classes thus they work fine in ArcView. To be more efficient in creating\managing geodatabase it is better to have ArcEditor\ArcInfo, but to run our tools they will be fine with ArcView.
  2. It is clear to me that from the marketing brochures to the information on our websites we do not clarify the ESRI requirements. You will be happy to know that ArcEditor/ArcInfo are NOT required to use any of the tools that we have built. The tools are tested and function completely within the ArcMap environment. Even within this environment you can create/build/edit both personal and file geodatabases.
  3. Dear Aquaveo The answer to this question is probably obvious but could you confirm? It seems that anything having to do with a fully implemented ESRI-style data model (including the Groundwater version) requires an Arc Editor level license at a minimum. Could you please tell me what licensing level of ArcMap is required to access all features of the Arc Hydro Groundwater Analyst tools? If this is true, perhaps you should have a disclaimer of some sort RIGHT UP FRONT declaring this requirement. It would surely save all of us without Editor some agony in looking for a lower level requiremen
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