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  1. Does anybody knows how can I introduce an steady and uniform wind in ADCIRC? Thank you very much. Fernando Lopez
  2. Hi. I´m trying to simulate wind currents with CMS FLOW. The thing is that, when I try to save the results, it prompts "ERROR: NaN ETA VALUE ENCOUNTERED" Does anybody knows what could be the problem? Thank you in anticipation. Fernando López ********************* * SETUP INFORMATION * ********************* HYDRODYNAMICS Wall Friction - ON Mixing - ON Advection - ON Advection Extrap Coeff - 1.000 Drying depth - 0.050 m WSEL Smoothing Iter - 3 Run Duration - 2.000 hrs Ramp D
  3. Hi. We are working with WMS8.1-HEC HMS in hydrologic works. The thing is that we are trying to use Muskingum Cunge method for routing, but the input and output hydrographs are almost the same. It doesn´t matter if we can bottom width, slopes or roughness... it seems that nothing happens. We have tried with Muskingum method and the changes of the hydrograph are obvious. Does anybody knows what could we do? Thank you in anticipation. Fernando
  4. Hello. We have some old hec-ras projects and we would like to change some modelling conditions. Is it possible to export a whole .prj project from Hec-Ras to WMS8.1? Could we manage to import at least the geometry file? Thanks to all. Fernando Lopez Aquatica Ingenieria
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