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  1. Chris Thanks indeed for support,, I have tried .uci be opened in winhspf,there is an error msg.. Attached is the error message screenshot,, Regard wms error 1.bmp
  2. Chris I have installed BASIN 4 and added the path for winhspflight for wms 7.1 But still an error,,attached is the error message picutre Also i m unable to download winhspf from aquaveo website,pls post the link for it,, Regards wms eerror.bmp
  3. Dear All While i have completed all the parameters for the tutoral of HSPF in WMS 7.1 I have encountered a problem that the simulation is not runing The image of the problem is attached. Regards Sheraz Ahsan error hspf.bmp
  4. Thanks indeed Chris for detail infromation..
  5. Thank u so much IDA for sharing the info.. It really worked.. Thanks indeed..
  6. Dear All How can i conver/save/import the TOPAZ file of WMS to shape/coverage file format used in GIS?? Thanks
  7. Dear Thanks for giving the value able suggestion. Pls let me know how to convert/import/save the TOPAZ file to Shape file in ArcGIS
  8. Dear I am using WMS 7.1 on-1 Ghz processor and 1 GB Ram-machine. i have larger area of .5 million sq km. While i try to convert the shape file of Landuse to coverage then an error msg is generated "This machine doesnot have enough memory to continue the operation. Save ur data and exit. (utHash Tableinit)" . The land cover shapefile is of 66MB data. What to do with this error? Also while i load the saved project it takes about 4 hrs to load all the data- DEM, Drainage,Soil etc. Pls comment on this as well Regards Sheraz Ahsan
  9. Yes i am using HEC-HMS in WMS. Then what else can i do? Through wht technique/Model i must delinat my watershed?
  10. Dear All, I m working on Upper indus Basin watershed modeling,with total area of 397984 Sq Km. I am using SRTM 90m data for delination of Watershed. Is hec hms will support the delination of total area as single watershed in a single process. Also it takes a lot of time to process.
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