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  1. Hello everyone, I am trying to use SEAM3D to simulate TCE dechlorination in anaerobic condition and I am not quite sure what substrate really means. I thought substrate can be microbes' food like lactate, but I found tCE degradation is not related to how much substrate I injected, which seems not reasonable to me. Another question I am confused is what is the relationship between biodegradation package and reductive dechlorination package. I read the manual and still do not quite understand. I found the parameters in biodegradation package do not affect TCE dechlorination at all. Am I right? A
  2. Hello everyone, I found out that I had to input bulk density based on the manual and now NAPL dissolution package works fine. Thank you, though. Fang
  3. Hello everyone, I am trying to use NAPL dissolution package to simulate TCE dechlorination in anaerobic condition. The first step I did is to input NAPL through point source/sink BC for an area (initial concentration and rate dissolved) and also NAPL dissolution package (initial mass fraction, solubility and molecular weight). In this step, I do not plan to consider TCE dechlorination yet and just for TCE dissolution process. After I ran the model, there is no aqueous TCE at all, which seems strange. Can anyone tell me what else I need to input? I am just a starter for SEAM3D and any assistanc
  4. I just clicked one button and got XY coordiantes by using the tool you pointed out! Thank you so much. I appreciate it. My best, Fang
  5. Hi, I want to export well informations like x, y coordinates after I import Modflow files. I can calcualte these coordinates based on Cellindex, grid size and origin coordinates outside ArcGIS. However, that needs more time since I have more than 1000 wells. Do you know an easy way to get x, y coordinates? Thank you. I appreciate it. My best, Fang
  6. Hi all, Where could I find caption description in each table for the generated geodatabase? For example, in the basic table, what does "STRT" represent? I also need other information for other tables. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving Day! Fang
  7. Hi all, I have a problem using Modflow Analyst. I can successfully import head and drawdown files into tables (outputhead and outputdrawdown), but I can not import the flow file from Modflow 2000 (see attachment). I do not know why. I tried to import flow file for the steady state example in AHGW tutorial, it also could not work. Please let me know if you know what the problem is. Thank you. I appreciate it your help very much. Fang Problem for importing flow file.zip
  8. Hi, I have a question. I plan to simulate a dipole contaminant transport from a multi layer injection well to a multi layer pumping well. My question is how to inject contaminant through the injection well (not for each cell) and how to directly output the flow averaged concentration in the pumping well. Please let me know if you have answers. I appreciate it very much! Fang
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