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    3D Visualization

    Thanks Alan for your response. I did create a TIN and added the texture image - no problems here. Like adding texture to the 3D grid, once I add texture to the TIN (whether in plan or oblique view), my image resolution within the TIN really decreases. Does GMS resample the textured image at some pre-set resolution? I would really like to preserve or maximize the resolution. -Jeff
  2. Hi all- I am interpolating a 3D scatter set (analytical data) to a 3D bounding grid in GMS 6.5.3. My site is relatively small (~150 feet by 150 feet), thus my bounding grid is relatively small (slightly exceed these dimensions). I have no problems interpolating to the grid, but what I am having a problem with is adding my texture map image. I have a good ortho photo of the area (1-foot resolution), but since my grid is relatively small - the photo resolution get washed out once I add as a texture image. I could increase the area of my grid so my texture map is not snapped to such a small area, but I do not want to interpolate my data to such a large extent. I think this has some bearing on my resolution issue, but what I noticed is when the grid module is on, along with my ortho photo (all in plan view), I noticed the resolution of my photo is significantly decreased within my gridded area - outside my gridded area my resolution is fine (this is only in General View Mode). I ultimately want to show a 3D solid of my data in Oblique view, along with a texture image. Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to maximize my image resolution once in Oblique view? Secondary question, has anyone else noticed loss of image resolution within gridded area in General Mode? Thanks. Jeff
  3. Hi, Is there a way to show well details (e.g. screen interval) for boreholes within a cross-section? How about in a solid? I am working in v6.5. Thanks.
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