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  1. thank you so much for your help. I have seen this tutorial but in this tutorial there is one layer. I have 3 layers in my model with different hydraulic conductivity and my questions is that i should consider 1 hydraulic conductivity zones or one for each layer.
  2. Dear all, I am trying to calibrate a steady state Modflow model using Pest in GMS8.0. I have 3 layers with different hydraulic conductivity and one recharge zone in layer 1. how can I use the pest for calibration of these parameters?
  3. Thank you sir your suggestion was very helpful and my model was ran but now I have another problem. there is a huge difference between my input discharge data with the discharge that flow budget shows. I am surprised why it is happened actually flow budget shows about 50 to 80 percent of my input data and in any situation it vary. in my case real discharge from wells = -1085621 in flow budget discharge from wells = -642464
  4. Dear all, I have started a Modflow model with conceptual approach with 3D grid with 3 layer. before to run a model , the model checker dose not find any error but when I run the model, this error "Divided by 0 in SIP at layer 3, row 35, column 125" appears. how can I fix it? thanks a lot
  5. Thanks for your help. i will try to do all ways that you have mentioned .
  6. Dear sir I have also this problem and I have Run the model checker (MODFLOW | Model Checker...) . In this taske there is not any error or warning. I don't know what I should do. Best regards. Houshang
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