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  1. We're not seeing this behavior in our tests. Perhaps if we could get a copy of your files we could find the problem. Please contact support@aquaveo.com. Thanks.
  2. Right-click the cells in the area, right-click and select "Flow Budget". This will show you the flow budget of the selected cells. There's a tutorial called ZONEBUDGET that might be helpful.
  3. Correct. Those packages are not currently supported in GMS. They are on the todo list.
  4. In more recent versions of GMS there is an Export button in the dialog you show in your image. But without that, you could Duplicate your RCH Rate array to create a new dataset and then export your dataset to an ASCII .dat file.
  5. Also, the MODFLOW porosity is used by MODPATH.
  6. Until this is implemented in GMS, our current recommended workaround is to use MODFLOW-USG with a locally refined grid.
  7. It could be that the borehole module is not enabled in your licence and that is why it doesn't appear in the drop down menu.
  8. GMS doesn't import this type of file. You will need to export the TIN as points or a shapefile that GMS can read.
  9. GMS uses double precision to store location data, not just the first 2 or 3 sig figs.
  10. This can be done in the SFR2 Package dialog. The table of segments lists OUTSEG and IUPSEG and can be edited with the negative lake IDs.
  11. I'm assuming you're dealing with MODFLOW. You can edit the IBOUND array and make all values 1.
  12. I would suggest contacting the authors of MODFLOW-USG, Sorab Panday and Chris Langevin to make your request.
  13. This has been implemented in the next version of GMS.
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