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  1. If you select MODFLOW | Source Sink Packages -> Multi Node Well (MNW2) Package, it will open a dialog. Then select the wells button at the top which opens the MNW2 Wells Dialog. In the spreadsheet it will list the wells and the columns next to it are 'NNODES' and 'LOSSTYPE'. I believe this is what you are looking for. It talks a little bit about it here as well.
  2. Bruce, Here is the response that the bug report received from the developers. Hopefully this will clarify it: When I Map -> MODFLOW I get the following error: "The SFR2 arcs with the following ids have more than one downstream SFR2 arc that is not marked as a diversion. OUTSEG will be set to the value of the first encountered stream segment: 1868, 1604, 762, 1961, 4212, 2284, 3377, 2623, 3898, 3082, 4833, 5371, 6753, 6382, 6382, 3484, 4604, 6721, 5143, 2472, 3574, 3304, 4071, 4676, 2562, 2742, 5421, 6096, 4367, 2036, 1438, 3433, 2827, 3171, 3347, 3136, 99, 2919, 3983, 3999, 6743, 5770, 3421
  3. I opened your files and got the same infinite loop. I reported this as a bug so hopefully it will be fixed in future releases of WMS. Thanks for pointing this out to us.
  4. I am having the same issue when trying to import from the Terraserver. I have tried it in a couple of versions of SMS and all seem to be doing it when it has worked in the past on those versions so it appears to be an issue with the Terraserver.
  5. I would suggest going through the tutorials on how to use pest with GMS. The tutorials can be found on the aquaveo website on the GMS learning center page. There are several pest/calibration tutorials that should help. Also the XMS wiki has quite a bit of information on how to use pest. The wiki can be found here.
  6. I would suggest going through the SEAWAT tutorials found on the aquaveo website. They have some good examples of how to use SEAWAT that should help to get you started. You can find the tutorials here. I believe SEAWAT was only added to GMS in 8.0 so you may need to upgrade your version of GMS.
  7. kcouch


    I believe that the feature you are looking for is under File | Import from web. I looked at the bug report and the developers started looking into the bug today. They have determined that ISEG 41 is being written out incorrectly. Unfortunately I dont have any other information at this time but hopefully we will know more soon.
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