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  1. On July 18th I posted a request for information related to computation of composite Curve Numbers with WMS using NLCD images. I received a response that WMS version 9.0 offers the ability to download 2006 NLCD data using the Get Data tools and it reads the data as a land use grid. I just tried that feature on a modeling project that I recently completed. I had previously used GIRAS based LULC shapefile data on that project with disappointing Curve Number results. I had to modify the curve number using aerial photography of the relatively small watershed in conjunction with SSURGO polygons d
  2. Thank you for providing this information Chris. I will give it a try.
  3. I am looking for information/tutorial on generating composite Curve Numbers with WMS using NLCD TIFF images with worldfile to generate land use/land cover data. I have seen some information that indicates WMS can utilize the NLCD Landsat based data, but have not been able to find detailed steps for how to do this. GIRAS based LULC shapefile data is dated, and was not very accurate for a project I just worked on.
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