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    My network license is having issues. When I go into the registration wizard and apply my lock settings, I get the "lock license acquired" message. The next window show that all my WMS modules are enabled. When I then go into the next window (the main screen), I get a message that "This copy of WMS 9.1 (64-bit) has not been enabled...." It used to work but I don't understand what is going on. This isn't a program that I use daily but when I need it, it would be nice to know it's reliable. Thanks Drew
  2. What version of CE-QUAL-W2 does the WMS 9.1 write to? If it's not 3.7, are there plans to update it to the most recent version of CE-QUAL-W2? thanks drew
  3. Chris, thanks for adding that to the list of things that would be helpful. Best Drew
  4. Chris, One other thing that would be VERY useful is to be able to use a stream shape file to define stream lengths for each CE-QUAL-W2 segment. Right now, I can import shape files and define them as branches and segments just fine. I then have to go in and define the segment length by clicking along the stream shape file. It would be great if we could just intersect the stream shape file with the segment coverage. Maybe there is already a way to do that but I haven't discovered it yet. Thanks again and I look forward to the next release. drew
  5. Thanks Chris. Do you have an idea as to when that 9.1 will be released?
  6. Is there a way to reduce the minimum width that WMS resolves for each layer for CE-QUAL-W2? I have a stream with low flows and need to resolve those widths well (we've put in quite a bit of effort to get a good GIS coverage of the thalwag). Right now, the smallest width that WMS outputs in the bth_wb1.npt file is 5 m, regardless of the layer thickness. Thanks drew
  7. I am having the same problem (still from a previous post). How do we renumber segments in WMS?
  8. Glad that you got the same error. How do I assign numbers to the polygons though?
  9. I have finally had a chance to get back to this project and was able to reproduce the error. Here are the steps that I have done:NewCEQUALgrid_m.zip 1) Open new window 2) Activate GIS Module 3) Data ==> Add Shapefile Data (see attached zip file) 4) Mapping ==> Shapes -> Feature Objects (yes, use all shapes) a ) Next b ) Mapping (not mapped) Next c ) Finish 5) Right click "Drainage" and change to "CE-QUAL-W2 Branch" 6) CE-QUAL-W2 ==> New Simulaiton 7) Select Feature Polygon 8) Double click top cell (#8) 9) Change Branch ID ==> "2", OK 10) Error "Branch ID 2 is already being used" and I can't get out of that loop What I would like to do is be able to use an attribute in the shape file to define my branch numbering but I'm not sure if I can do that and, if I can, how. So, now I'm stuck in an endless loop. Thanks
  10. I should be able to re-create that error. I'll keep track of what I'm doing and send things along. One more question, how do I go from stream contour lines (shape file) into the proper format for bathymetric definition for CE-QUAL? I have looked around on the tutorials but aren't finding the steps I need to take. thanks again drew
  11. I'm using the latest version of WMS. What I have done is bring in a shape file, convert using "Shapes -> Feature Objects." I then change the coverage type to CE-QUAL-W2 Branch and go in to start renumbering. If in the process of renumbering I had the program hang up saying that that number has already been assigned. I had to kill the program and then start over. FYI, what I discovered is that I can reverse sort the polygons in ArcGIS with ETGeowizards and the import into WMS goes very smoothly for both the file and numbering.
  12. I was able to get the shape file into WMS. Within ArcGIS, I defined the segment and branch IDs but I am not able to get them to map within WMS using "Shape -> Feature Objects". Is there a format that should be specified before I do that import? Thanks drew
  13. I just recieved WMS and am just learning it, so please forgive me if this is a simple question. I have a long river that I am modeling in CE-QUAL-W2. I would like to bring in segments defined in ArcGIS to automate things as much as possible. I haven't seen in the tutorials on how that can be done (or if it can be). Is that something that we can reasonably do? Thanks drew
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