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  1. I am having issues with compatibility between on old version of SMS 10.1 (that my company hasn't updated) and SMS 11. I created a number BOUSS2D model cases and ran them using SMS 11. Then, using our SMS 10.1 dongle, I reviewed various model results. On attempting to run the same model again using SMS 10.1 the software crashed noting slope instabilities on a number of land cells. I then changed dongles back to the SMS 11 dongle and the models ran Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a bug fix for this? Thanks
  2. HI, I am using SMS 10.1.10 and trying to use a water level time series (*.ts1 file) as the input wavemaker on the boundary condition. I attempted to create a few ts1 files based on example ts1 file in Appendix D - BOUSS2D File Formats section of the manual. The model does not run and I get as error referring to " dsf_wave_option not found in paramter file" or "endhead incomplete" in the ts1 file.. Could you please provide an example of an input water level time series file? Is there an additional line that also needs to be put into the paramter file as well? Thanks
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