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  1. I assign a value to the Depth tolerance for drying; let's say 0.5 feet. I understand that a node wil rewet when the water surface is at least 0.5 feet above the node. What about drying a wet element? Does the water have to drop 0.5 feet below the node to turn off or does it turn off as soon as the water drops below the node elevation?
  2. I am modeling a large delta having a number of lakes. Most of the lakes are hydraulically isolated unless overbank flow occurs. I have bathymetry for some of the lakes but not all. In cases where bathymetry is lacking and lakes are hydraulically isolated (no defined inflow/outflow channels) could I apply a material property that would adequately represent the lakes? Or would it be better to assume the bathymetry using that of a similar lake? Also, if I do use bathymetry of isolated lakes will there be issues modeling low (e.g. 2-yr recurrence interval) flows using a cold start? In short I'm trying to find a way to adequately model overbank floods where lakes are prominent and bathymetric data is limited. Thanks for your input
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