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  1. Hi, I have a long drain arc, with many nodes, in my model. How do I assign grid top elevation to drain nodes in GMS 8 ? Thanks, Hila
  2. Hi, When I calculate Iso-volume, according to GMS documentation: "For example, the first volume represents the volume below (on the "low" side of) the lowest iso-value" If we ssume that for each cell in the the upper grid layer, part of cell is saturated, and part of the cell is unsaturated (above the water table) - Does the calculated volume include only the saturated part or the total cell volume ? Hila
  3. Hila

    Merge AVI

    Hi, Where can I fing a simple "merge avi" application for GMS animation ? Hila
  4. Hila


    Hi all, In GMS 8 - where are the Iso-surface options ? Thanks, Hila
  5. Hi all, When computing the volume of an iso-surface, does the calculated number is the total volume (total cell volume) within the surface, or the water volume (the total volume * porosity) ? Thanks, Hila
  6. So, if the conc. in the units dialog was defined as ppb, and mass as g, what is the unit of "total mass in aquifer" in the MAS file ? how is it calculated (the numbers in the MAS file are 1E12 - 1E9) ?
  7. Hi, I wanted to ask about mass calculation in MT3D: In my model I defined units as g for mass and ppb for conc. I checked the MAS file and the "Total mass in aquifer" seemed very high than what I expected (I guess about two orders of magnitude). I changed the mass units to Kg and run the model again, and the MAS file looks EXACTLY as the previous file. Can someone show me how mass calculation is performed ? How is it related to the units I define ? Thanks in advance, Hila
  8. Hi, Thank you Sean and Alan. The problem was that I selected the observation in MODFLOW after I run the simulation. I run it again and it works fine. Hila
  9. Hello all, I'm running A modflow and MT3D transient simulation and trying to plot head and conc. time series. For concentrations it works fine, but for heads - the graph shows a constant value of -10000000 for all obs. poins (see attached file). Any ideas ? Thanks, Hila ObsPoints.doc
  10. Hila

    MT3D run error

    Hello all, When I try to run MT3D on GMS 6.5 I receive the attached error. Any idea ? Hila MT3D_error.doc
  11. Hila

    old MODFLOW model

    Hi, Thanks for your help. Do you have any idea which files in MODFLOW-GMS correspond to the files I mentioned (so I could use their format) ? Do you think that the files I have compose a complete MODFLOW model ? Hila
  12. Hello again... I received MODFLOW files of an old model. Files names are: BAS.D64, BCF.N75, DRN.D11, GHB.DA1, SIP.DA3 Is there a way to open it in GMS ? Hila
  13. Hello all, I defined, in my transient MODFLOW simulation, a specified head boundary condition, and a constant head stage. After mapping to MODFLOW the boundary appears as a transient head BC (purple dots instaed of red dots) and when checking simulation I receive errors "Changing head BC is below bottom elevation in stress period 25...). How do I change it to a constant head ? Thanks, Hila
  14. Hi, The stress period length in my model is 365 days (1 year). I have 33 stress periods, each is divided into 12 time steps. If I enter recharge data during the winter (december to march), will the model treat it as an yearly average of 4 rainy month and 8 dry month, and use a single averaged recharge value along the whole stress period ? Thanks, Hila
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