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  1. I wonder if there is a way in GMS to define GHB head as a calibration parameter, i.e. to allow the model to change it during the calibration process.
  2. Hi Alan Now GMS has got MODFLOW-USG Transport. However I am curious, is it possible to use MT3DMS with MODFLOW-USG in GMS? Thanks
  3. Hi there How easy is it to integrate or interface GMS generated MODFLOW models with MIKE FLOOD? Any thoughts on how to do this directly or indirectly will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Hisham
  4. Yes, clearly all your modelled heads are all overestimated. Obvious quick fixes to try would include increasing K and/or lowering recharge. Try playing with PEST ranges.
  5. Hi Cody I am using ArcGIS 10.4 Thanks
  6. Hi all Playing with the time series tutorial, I am unable to get the time-axis labels to plot correctly. I get years like 1899, 1900, 1901, etc. The time series table is fine though. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks
  7. Dear isiarkos I would say you'd better include a "recharge code" field in your shapefile and use it to group polygons for recharge value assignment. Or, you can assign recharge values to the shapefile so that recharge values will be transferred to feature objects when you process your shapefile in GMS. This way, keeping multi-part features is not needed. I hope this helps
  8. Your shapefile polygons may also be intersecting each other. Check them in GIS first and correct topological errors.
  9. Hi again Continued trying and managed to get the tool to run using the input shown below. However, I didn't get points with horizon elevations as I was hoping. In stead, I got the table shown at the bottom. Again, any ideas will be most appreciated.
  10. Hi Alan I guess the tool I need to use is the "Transform XS2D Lines to Points" tool. However, I failed to run it successfully. I set it up as shown below. What have I got wrong there? Thanks
  11. Thanks Alan Now I have my cross sections (2 & 3 D). How can I use them to create rasters? Thanks
  12. Hi there What's the most efficient way to export a stratigraphic model built in AHGW into GMS to be used as solids? Thanks
  13. Hi there I think the easiest way to incorporate a stratigraphic model built in AHGW into GMS is through rasters. Any practical advice on how to do this? Thanks
  14. How can one create an HK layer in AHGW from a model that uses pilot points?
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