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  1. I was exploring WMS-GSSHA results visualization and I have a question: Is it possible to show aggregated sediment loss on the map for a longterm simulation ? now I can only view one time step at a time , and I was wondering if I can also view sediment lost for example for the whole month ..using color ramp display on the map.
  2. A scripting language like Python does this job easily.., once you have your model files generated by WMS you can write a script to automatically modify your weather data files and run the program executable...
  3. Hi, I am running a longterm simulation with GSSHA (5 years), the simulation runs fine but after running few months then the model run goes very slow and freezes at some point, my impression is that WMS keeps the results in the memory and writes into files after Reading solution on exit. So it seems since the my model is writting hourly results into memory that is why it freeses. Is there any way to avoid this issue? Thanks Eric
  4. Thank you, I realized the error was coming from the way I presented my precipitation data using hours from 1:00 to 24:00 instead of 0:00 to 23:59.
  5. I run GSSHA model and the model stops with a message in the Model wrapper saying: "A Non-real overland flow water depth has been detected in cell 16915 after applying overland boundary conditions and overland pumping" Does any body know what could be the reason for this error?
  6. Hi, I am new to GSSHA and I am having issue with precipitation and hydrometeo data for GSSHA long-term simulation: I have daily rainfall data and since GSSHA uses hourly data for long-term I was wondering how I can present my weather data at daily time step. Is it okay If put same hour for all my daily data to keep the right format; for example: year month day hour min prec 2012 3 3 12 00 66 2012 3 4 12 00 10 But I am thinking this could be wrong if GSSHA considers that all this rainfall occured in one hour. Thanks Eric
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