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  1. I have developed a calibrated MODFLOW model using GMS 6.0 to simulate sea water intrusion in coastal aquifer. But how I can start the simulation of sea water? What package I must to use? I know that I must to use SEAWAT but how I can bass from MODFLOW to SEAWAT? To simulate the lateral inflow I use the specific head with different points of ground water levels, is it correct ? Initially , I have used the FEMWATER but my model is very big to run in FEMWATER. Thank you.
  2. Mr.WOODWARD, Thank you very mach Mr Woodward I try to modify the gwpara.inc by adding 0 for every parameter in order to keep the relation between them but the fortran can not create the .exe file and give mi a fatal error. I noted that in the example of the FEMWATER tutorial the vertical spacing is not long just as the layer spacing but there is some nodes which divide the segment to an equal small segmentes . but in my model the vertical spacing is by two nodes ,first in the top layer and the second in the bottom layer which linked by one segmente without any divided nodes as in the example. is there any error in my model? in my model the vertices destripution is 300 and the aquifer spasing is between 30 and 100 m THANK you in advance.
  3. Mr.WOODWARD, thank you for your replay. I tried to recompile the femwater3.exe using the modify gwpara.inc file in FORTRAN compiler but the new executable file not works.when I used the not modified gwpara file to compile it I get a correct file and it works. I used the femwater example to verify if the new femwater.exe works or not. Kindly I have some questions: when we use windows 32bit system have femwater parameters limits ? when I make any change femwater parameters have some relation between them to be considered ? There is any problem or restriction with my windows system 32bit and AMD Athlon 64bit dual core CPU? I attach my model parameter, are it executable parameter for femwater? THANK you in advance. my model parameter.txt
  4. THANK YOU Mr Woodward, I have a sandy layer with a k= 30 m/d above a clay layer with a k=0.01 m/d, flowing one to ather for 8 layer. i modify K of the clay layer to 10 m/d and i haven't any warning, is this correct? I give a different parameter value form the realistic parameter to make the parameter acceptable for the program??? we have to simulate the realistic situation since it is possible. nay way , I run the FEMWATER and after 20sce it finish give mi this massage in the run window: you must increase the parameter MAXELK to 183003. after closing the window I see the femwater solution in the project explorer.
  5. Thank you Mr woodward, I modify well screens and they mapped to femwater. I have other problem. when i do run femwater after finish running i don't see the file solution in the project explorer. in check simulation I have tis warning: MATERIALS: Warning: Kxx values between elements 3 and 273 differ by more than 3 orders of magnitude. Warning: Kxx values between elements 17 and 299 differ by more than 3 orders of magnitude. Warning: Kxx values between elements 29 and 324 differ by more than 3 orders of magnitude. Warning: Kxx values between elements 47 and 365 differ by more than 3 orders of magnitude. Warning: Kxx values between elements 61 and 391 differ by more than 3 orders of magnitude.
  6. Thank you for your replay, How long are the well screens? screen wells are long between 100 m and 30m. ex (z terrain= 30, top scr =0, bott scr = -100) What is the vertical mesh spacing? vertical mesh spesing is between 120 m and -200m Are the well x,y positions located at mesh nodes? yes ,I verify that all wells at mash nodes in 2D mesh and in the 3D mesh but i note that some z wells in 3D mesh are above or below mesh nodes, I try to copy the X, Y, Z of the node to the well but the problem is still in mapping coverage to femwater you seid "I think you need to have at least one mesh point within the well screen" how i can verify it? arround the 3D mesh i see vertical nodes which correspondiing to layer ellevations and inside I see suspended well screens. in femwater there is a limited number of wells for a limited area ? for ex femwater con not maped more than 100 wells in 1 m ? I have 3000 wells in 356 Km2.
  7. Hi, I am a new user of GMS 8.1 Kindly can you help me to solve this problem I will explan how i create femwater coceptual model, 1- I create my femwater coceptual model with one coverage (wells, BC) 2- I create 2D mesh and I renumbere it. 3- I create solids from Borehole by using horisons to solids. 4- I selecte solid/solids to layerd mesh and i got a good 3D mesh The problem 5- I started new simulation then I do map/ femwater the program give mi this warning No 3D mesh nodes lie within the screend interval of well id: 1235. when I select Ok the warning continued to apper many many time with other id wells, then mapping cmplet and warning wells have not maped and i can't see them in 3D mesh. I have more than 3000 wells and 8 layers 356 Km2 For all wells I defie these data X, Y, Z, TOB&POT scr, Pum Rate m3/d. I import a text file as well data and I haven’t any problem. In 3D mesh I see all wells inside the 3D mash as suspended columns, the max well depth is -120 m and the 3D mesh domain is start from 120 m and end in -200 m USL. So why cannot be mapped to the mesh? wher is the error?
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