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    demo mode

    Is demo mode still available? I needed to review a file (not print or make changes), and I left my HW lock at the office, and I tried to load the *.gpr file on my laptop, and the software said that because it wasn't enabled it was exiting...I also tried starting up a fresh untitled.gpr with the same results. There was some mention as the screens flashed through about selecting demo mode in the Preferences menu but the program shutdown and didn't allow access to those menus.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm using the latest download of version 6.5, and I'm getting an error in the z-axis when I display a cross-section or oblique view of a 3-D grid. The values labeled on the axis are not correct. The top elevation of my grid (i.e. the upper most surface) is at 4.2 m but it's displaying at 6.2 m (i.e. the axis values seem shifted by 2 m). I have double checked my grid elevations and the x-y-z position in the status bar shows the correct elevation also. Any ideas on a way to fix this? Thanks.
  3. the new version of gms2mf2k.exe is writing quotes around the *.hff filename in the *.lmt file also...
  4. OK. Thanks...The *.chd file is not written in the text file output...I need the complete set for coupled flow and transport runs outside of GMS; do I need to manually configure the text *.chd file even though it is written for H5?
  5. I would like to export or save my MODFLOW files without the H5 formatting. How can I do this in GMS v6.5? Thanks.
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