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  1. Thank you, Alan.I just figured out the problem. I should have done "interpolate to MODFLOW layer" for each coverage before I run the model finally so that the values can be assign to the MODFLOW. I guess this the main reason for my issue. Thanks.
  2. I defined the wells in my conception model but in the MODFLOW ->"Global" there is only the elevation and Ibound information, without wells information. Thanks.
  3. Another issue is that because the modflow model cannot recognize point sources, the maxi number of point sources, MXSS =0, which make error in mt3d. Could you help me on this issue also. Thanks.
  4. When I failed to have the hydraulic conductivities and other parameters for flow simulation read successfully, I clicked "LPF" folder and changed the values manually by click "constant to layer" option in the windows after I clicked "LPF" folder under "3d gride" in project. Thanks.
  5. Dear Sir/Madam, I am using GSM/modflow+mt3d to do a relative simple simulation of contaminant transport. I just got some problems and I hope you can help me out. I have domain which was divided into two layers. I have a varied water head boundary condition on upper and lower stream of ground water, a rainfall recharge on the top and all others are no flux boundaries. Besides these boundary conditions, I have three point sources which contains three species each. Here is my problem. 1) First, I built the model via conceptional approach and specified the point sources (flow rate and concentration) by add points in the "sources and sinks" coverage and change their type to "well", and then input the flow rate and concentration in the property of the the point wells. Did I do correctly? 2) In the flow simulation with modflow, I did specify the horizontal hydraulic conductivity and anis Kv in the "layer 1" and "layer 2"coverages. Howerver the "check model" brefore I run modflow gived me warning messages: the horizontal hydraulic conductivity value is zero in layer 1 (and layer 2); the anisotropy value is zero in layer 1 & 2; the specific yeild value is zero in layer 1 & 2, and the specific storage value is zero in layer 1 & 2. 3) In the transport simulation with mt3d (advect + disperson+ point source sink package), I got similar warning message in Disperson Package that Dispersivity value is zero in cell...; and in the Point Source Mixing package that concentration of zero found in well poing source sink for stress peiold... I really appreciate your help. Thanks for your time. Best wishes, Darcy
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