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  1. It seems to be a carryover from my borehole horizons to solids step. I think it may be a lack of control in some areas, so it uses topography and the bottom planar elevation I established.
  2. Alan, Thanks for the reply. It will be late today or tomorrow before I can generate the picture. In short, there is a lot of relief on the ground surface, which is man-made. Contacts between underlying layers are way more subtle, and do not look like the surface except for incised channels, but GMS imparts the surface topography to the contacts beneath. I used Horizons, LPF, and a ground surface elevation TIN. Picture to follow later. Thanks, Dale
  3. Hi, Using 9.0.2, I have built the framework for a model which incorporates LIDAR for ground surface elevations (GSE) and horizons from borings for the underlying layers. When I push all of this to the 3D grid, the topography of the GSE seems to manifest itself in the lower layers. The ground surface is anthropogenic and should not have any bearing on the surface of the lower layers. Is the behavior I am seeing supposed to be happening or did I miss a setting when I pushed everything to the 3D Grid (Map to Modflow and Horizons to Solids->Solids to Modflow)? Thanks, Dale Bridgford
  4. Hi, I have GMS 6.0, ArcMap 10 and am unable to enable ArcObjects. Has anyone successfully used ArcMap 10 with GMS 6.0, and if so, what is the magic? I think GMS 6.0 was designed around the time of ArcMap 8.3 and I had successfully used it in 9.x, (9.3.1, I believe). Thanks, Dale
  5. Thank-you, Sir. I will give it a shot in a little while. Thanks again, Dale
  6. I apparently have run into a problem that trumps the rest. The following is from the end of the very small .glo file: DISCRETIZATION INPUT DATA READ FROM UNIT 19 # MF2K DISCRETIZATION FILE # # # NLAY NROW NCOL NPER TIMEUNITS LENUNITS 1 LAYERS 100 ROWS 100 COLUMNS 6001 STRESS PERIOD(S) IN SIMULATION THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF STRESS PERIODS IS: 1000 ABORTING BECAUSE THE MAXIMUM IS EXCEEDED Any way around this or do I go back to Groundwater Vistas?
  7. Thanks Alan, that worked. Unfortunately, it leads to more questions. The following is what I want to build for a pumping sequence. Stress periods 1 through 5 are shown. It needs to contineu onward through SP 6000. Is there any clean way to do this? 1 0 2 -962.57 3 0 4 -962.57 5 0 Thanks again, Dale
  8. Is there a relatively easy way to set up 6000 stress periods without actually having to touch each stress period. It is a situation where I have a well that has high level kick on and low level kick off floats that I want to simulate, so i want to repeat the same sequence. Essentially 45 seconds on and 6.5 minutes off. Thanks, Dale
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