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  1. Hi I really need help here. I manage to run a model with partial mode using SRH-2D numerical model. The model produced result file which supposedly be able to be incorporated to SMS later on. The result file is in xxx_SMS1.dat type. I did attach my results file in case it is useful for analyzing my problem (note that I should convert my results file to Excel as I couldnt attach the original (.dat) file). results.txt The problem is I could not incorporate the result file from SRH-2D to my mesh in SMS. I simply load the result file to SMS as 2D mesh file type, but it gave me nothing. How could I see my results (in terms of water velocity, water depth and water surface elevation) in my mesh within SMS? Thank you! Regards Vera Kurniawan
  2. Hi I am newbie in this SRH-2D as well, could anybody suggest on where we should locate our monitoring point / line for our simulation? I am currently using SRH-2D partial-interface mode with SMS 8.0 version. My objective is about to analyze the change of water depth, water velocity surrounding due to the existence of bridge pier. Nevertheless, seems like SRH-2D could only provide us the water surface elevation as a result. Am I correct? Does anybody know whether SRH-2D could produce water velocity over the time as well? For your information, I am only assigning water surface elevation on both sides of my model. I also have this difficulty to incorporate the result from SRH-2D to SMS, I have 744 hours total simulation time with 5 seconds time step, but why I did only have one result appear and seems like it is only for one time condition instead of routing result over time? Any suggestion is welcomed. Thank you so much. Regards Vera Kurniawan
  3. Hi I need help here. I have a mesh that basically cover my study area. I would like to implement pier bridges in my mesh. Correct me if I am wrong, What I did think is to assign inactive elements in the position where my bridge piers located. But, I face a problem here. You could see the attached file to get a clearer picture. Basically, I do have CAD drawings that I could load into SMS, so I basically know precisely where my bridge piers located. The thing is most of the bridge piers located at much bigger elements. And I could not easily assign the element nearby the bridge piers to be inactive because then it would not represent the real thing. Does anybody have suggestion on this? I really appreciate it. Thank you! Cheers Vera Kurniawan
  4. Hi Again Heimo I am so glad to hearing from you! No, I believe I did not receive that option way back in April, yes it was in April. Thank you for the file, I send you my model control as well to your personal email if you dont mind checking it for me whether I do the correct thing. Yes, I have made sure that the both boundaries condition and the initial wse starts with the same value, well in my case is 103.5. But I sitll did not manage to run the model. Do you have any idea why? I look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you Regards Vera Kurniawan
  5. Hi Rusty I encountered the same problem with him as well. I keep on getting this message NEGATIVE DEPTH WARNING : For entire mesh=552 For active nodes=552. STOP depth convergence exceeds 50.0. My max Z value is 103.5 and my target head is 99.8. I have already gradually lower the head from 103.5 until 99.8m by 0.1m difference from each time step and yet I still getting the same error message and the model is not able to be run. I tried the steering module as well, by putting the Inital condition (%of target) =104 (103.5/99.8) and Min Step (%of target) = 0.1 (0.1/99.8). When i clicked RUN RMA2, it didnt move at all and it stops. Saying error. I believe you could help me on this and explaining what on earth happened in my model. Thank you so much. Regards Vera Kurniawan
  6. Hi all I am using RMA2 numerical model to simulate my model. Is it possible to assign both 'Water Surface Elevation' data on the two end of my model? I am aware that normally, we need to assign flow in the incoming and water surface elevation in the tailwater. But in my case, I could not really assume that water is coming from one end and going out from the other end. As my model represents the ocean boundary (unfortunately, I dont have any option but to use RMA2 numerical model to simulate my model). I tried to run my model in trasient mode as I have range of tidal data to be put in terms of Water surface elevation. I did not manage to run the model and the warning comes out like this 'STOP depth convergence exceeds 50.0'. I would like to try to use revision where I start with higher water surface elevation, but since i have 1488 time steps, should i assign the revision to every single time step on the model? Please enlighten me on this. By the way, I did attach the output file from my model. output_trial2withBC.txt I look forward to hearing from your reply. Thank you. Regards Vera Kurniawan
  7. Hi Cameron Yes, I manage to upload my bridge pier dxf file with lower AutoCAD file version. Thank you so much! Cheers Vera Kurniawan
  8. Hi I am currently using SMS 8.1 with RMA2 as my numerical model. Basically, I would like to analyze the water condition surrounding the existence of a bridge which built along the coastal area. I would like to load the bridge piers (in DXF file) to my model but I just couldnt. A message of 'CAD file is abnormal' occurred whenever I try to upload it. Any suggestion is welcomed. Thank you. Cheers Vera Kurniawan
  9. Hi Heimo I am so glad that you keep helping me on solving my problem. By the way, I would love to have the installation package that you have for newer version of RMA2, you could send me at my email here I hope you could send that big file to me safely =) I will try your suggestion soon and i'll let you know whether it works. I hope so! Cheers Vera Kurniawan
  10. Hi I am currently using SMS 8.1 with RMA2 4.35 associated with it. I have been told that RMA2 4.35 does not have this function of " Dynamic Memory Allocation". If RMA2 v 4.35 does not have this function, is there any possibility to modify the number of elements and nodes used in the simulation to be changed? I believe I didnt manage to run the model because I have amount of nodes and elements larger that the current allowable amount of nodes set in my RMA2. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks! p.s I attached the output file of my simulation as well. output_test2.txt Vera Kurniawan
  11. Heimo Thank you so much for your respond and help. It helps me a lot. I really appreciate it. I was suspecting the same reason too why I could not find the r2memsize.dat file that everyone is talking about. I am trying to download the newer version of sms from SMS download page, but i doubt that I could upgrade my SMS and RMA2 version. So I can say that I could not modify the maximum nodes to be used in my model as well. Am I correct? Because I do have lots of data, and when I created the mesh it gave me more than 20,000 elements which then I saw from my output file, my max elements allowed is only 10,000. Should I use smaller data then? Or is there anyway to use all my data and makes the elements size bigger (to reduce the number of the elements)? Oh by the way, thanks for the great idea of dividing the boundary condition to few boundary conditions =). I could run the model with small data, but then other problem appears " STOP depth convergence exceeds 25.0". =( I hope to hearing from you soon again. Thanks, Heimo. Vera Kurniawan
  12. Hi John Do you have any future course nearby Singapore soon? Thanks!
  13. Hi John I am trying to use the same method by creating a hotstart file and use the created hostart file in my next simulation with bigger flowrate. I managed to run completely the first scenario where my flowrate is 60m3/s but then when i tried to use my hotstart file and modify the flowrate to 100m3/s, error comes up saying that "STOP depth convergence exceeds 25.0". How could this thing happen? What is the common reason causing this error? Hope to hear from you soon, thanks! Vera Kurniawan
  14. Heimo By the way I am using SMS 8.1 and RMA2 v 4.35 for running my model. Is there any possibilty not to have r2memsize.dat file because I am using older version of the model? Do i have any other option to modify the max number of continuity check lines without this r2memsize.dat file? Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you Vera Kurniawan
  15. Hi Heimo First of all thanks for your respond and help. Where could i find 'r2memsize.dat' file? I could not find it in my SMS folder. Cheers Vera Kurniawan
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