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  1. If there isn't a good answer to my questions, is there a way to export the functioning parts of my project (DEM, soil type/drainage/land use coverages, and images) and start over without having to re-delineate the watershed?
  2. Another one of my "no one else has ever made the program do THAT" questions: I have done a bunch of HEC-1 runs in this WMS project (about 90 runs over the course of the project). Eventually I ended up with 22 Hydrologic Modeling Trees (see screen shot of Project Explorer). Why did this happen, and how do I delete/clear out the extra trees? They don't go away if I right click on them and select 'Delete', even if I delete out all the elements (basin/outlet) first. On a likely related topic, when I am in the XY Series Editor, my saved curves are repeated in the drop down box many times (see screen shot). Each curve appears 350-400 times! I checked the .tre file and the name of one of my curves is found 1150 times. As you can imagine, the program is lagging badly and takes forever to open anything up. What did I do? ProjectExplorer.bmp
  3. - wow, it's like Facebook/Twitter for WMS.

  4. Clark, I am using WMS 8.0 - the February 23, 2007 build. Have you tried it with that version? When I go to http://www.terraserver-usa.com, it says they have changed their name/URL to http://msrmaps.com and it redirects you automatically. Or does WMS use the other TerraServer - http://www.terraserver.com/ ?
  5. Ok, thanks. I was on the right track, but didn't change the file type.
  6. How do I export the land use coverage as a shapefile? I looked through the Help file and couldn't find anything on it.
  7. Clark, The Get Data tool doesn't work for me. It used to, but it doesn't now. Could this be because they changed their URL, or does WMS access it a different way? I've attached the error message I get. We don't have any GIS programs, but I think we may be able to do that in the newest version of MicroStation. I will let you know if I need to do the grid/TIN option. TerraServer error.bmp
  8. How do I get my background image to print? I can print out my other layers, but the image is not showing up. Do I need to use the Screen Capture command and print from another program? How do I crop an image? My watershed is right at the intersection of four quad sheets, so I have four large images taking up space in my files. http://www.xmswiki.com/xms/WMS:Crop_Image I could not find this command in WMS. Is there a way to print out land use color-filled polygons using patterns instead of solid color? I see that you can do this for a soil type coverage. If not, what is the best way to show the land use polygons with the image behind them?
  9. I click File > Open, select the .tif, and click Open. I immediately get the error message (error1 from above post). I click 'OK' and get the exact same message again. I click 'OK' again and get the second error message (error2 from above post). I click 'OK' and the WMS display updates (without the images). I am running WMS 8.0, Build Date Feb. 23, 2007. The .tif I am trying to open is 5 MB. My computer: Windows XP Professional Processor: x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~3391Mhz Total Physical Memory: 1,024 MB Available Physical Memory: 210.09 MB Total Virtual Memory: 2.00 GB Available Virtual Memory: 1.96 GB Page File Space: 2.40 GB What else do you need to know?
  10. WMS is giving me an error message when I try to open a TIF file from the Utah GIS portal. See attached screenshots. error1.bmp error2.bmp
  11. Oh, of course -- using the grids is a great idea. I didn't realize we could get high resolution imagery from the Utah GIS portal. I am doing that now, so I probably won't need to use the Google Earth imagery this time.
  12. Clark, I downloaded the data for the adjacent watershed and got the same result. I guess this area of Utah is just poorly covered. I talked to Chad earlier on the phone, and he recommended trying the Utah GIS portal. I'll update this for future reference if I find anything. Thanks.
  13. Is there an easy way to import georeferenced imagery from Google Earth? I need to create a land use coverage, and the Google Earth imagery is exceptional. Our company has a license allowing us to use Google Earth imagery, but I am not sure how to georeference it. I see the instructions on Registering Images in chapter 2.6 of the WMS Tutorials. If there is not an easier way, I can do that.
  14. Clark, I have run into this problem again. This time my watershed is in the mountains east of Mt. Pleasant and west of Wattis. My drainage basin is part of the San Pitch watershed. I downloaded the core31 data and the giras data from the EPA, and the land use shapefile does not cover the right area. I think I have converted coordinates correctly, but maybe I haven't. I have attached a screen shot - you can see that the soils data covers my watershed, but the land use data is off to the side. Do you think my coordinate conversion is wrong?
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