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  1. MT3DMS is not compatible with MODFLOW-USG with unstructured grids. It is possible that it would work with structured grids but I have not tried it.
  2. You put the "key" value in the material property input. Then it works just like any other calibration. The "Transient Calibration Pump Test" tutorial is a model where material properties are parameterized.
  3. Possible solution: Create a field associated with DRT for "Return Feature". This would be a text field and the user enter the "name" of the associated feature. The user would need to be sure that the "name" was exactly the same on the associated point, arc, or polygon. Out of curiosity, could you tell me about the applications where you are using DRT? What is the real system that you are modeling? I am interested in knowing how the package is being applied.
  4. There is a Flow budget vs. time plot that you can use from the plot wizard.
  5. Turn on the "save text copy" option in the MODFLOW Basic package.
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