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  1. Hello again... Thnx a lot for your great answer but u know really I need to make a simulation for the flooding of dam break by time so... Is there any tools or command can show me the flooding of dam break by time not as text output file really i need it as a simulation...? Could u plz the the way and really I'd appreciated your helping me… Thnx again
  2. Hello... This is the first qustion for me and i hope to get the answer coz that will be very imoprtant for me..coz im doing my master degree about dam failure and really i need ur help.. I'm using WMS and really i did as example SMPDBK in my project but really i need a clear idea about things... Can i see the flooding of dam break in depending of time, EX: After 5 minutes how's the flooding looks like and after 20 minuters how it looks like....and how much of time it takes to reach to some area...?And offcourse the hight of water also in depending on time... Thnx for all... Best regards..
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