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  1. After the running of Bouss2D, I can quickly generate the animation in SMS. However, when I look closely around the coastal line, I can't see the wave is going back and forth on the beach. Is it possbile to animate the wave runup in SMS?
  2. I can display the picture results in Google Earth, but can I display animation results in Google Earth too?
  3. Hi All: Are there any version of Bouss2D and CGWave model that support parallel calculation? Running either on windows or linux is OK. And also are there any SMS interface running on Linux, which have been published or would be published before long? Thank you.
  4. Hi Cameron: First of all, which version of SMS do you use? It seems to me that version 9.2 and 10.0 beta does not work. Second, the exact steps are simple. Create a directional spectrum file *.dws with random spectrum input. The most simple way would be exporting certain directional spectrum from "spectral energy" menu for Bouss2D model. Then instead of configuring wave input parameters, we just input this *.dws file as wave generation. Hopefully you got what I mean. Thank you.
  5. I don't know. I have not got chance to test this problem. But from the sms website, I got this: Intermediate release SMS 10.0.1 - February 19, 2008 Pasted from <http://www.xmswiki.com/index.php?title=SMS:Bugfixes_SMS> • Fixed various problems with the spectral energy dialog Pasted from <http://www.xmswiki.com/index.php?title=SMS:Bugfixes_SMS> I hope something is related wth it.
  6. Hi All: I just want to know whether the latest sms10 support 64-bit calculation. Since the 4GB memory greatly restricts the capability of large area calculation, the 64-bit version would be greatly helpful. Thanks for your attention.
  7. Hi All: Recently I am working with Bouss2D model of SMS10.0Beta on WinXP platform. I tried to use a random spectrum source file as the input of irregular multidiectional wavemaker, but fatal error occured when I started to run the model. Then I thought maybe there was restriction on the input spectrum file, therefore I used "spectral energy" function on the "Bouss-2D" to generate a very regular spectrum file, say: "with the default grid setting, a Jonswap spectrum of Hs=4m, Tp=20s, angle=180 degree, standard deviation=5 by the wrapped normal directional spreading
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