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  1. Hi In GMS I've created a model using the MODFLOW and MT3D package. I'm using the chemical reaction package to deal with dual porosity. However, I haven't been able to locate the file in which the sorbed concentration in the immobile fase is stored. I'm able to find the total mass balance for the entire system in the .out file, but I have an idea that the concentration in each cell is located in the .con file. Am I correct in this assumption? Also, is there a way to read this binary file? Best regards Christian Winde
  2. Cheers I’m having problems running MODFLOW. When I press “RUN MODFLOW” --> Saving the model --> It says: Executable started MODFLOW finished. It doesn’t do any iterations. I’ve made a model on another students laptop (GMS 8.1, 64-bit – same as mine) and had it running. When I copied the entire folder to my laptop the MODFLOW still won’t run. Additional info: When I copied the folder and tried to run and MT3D with the MODFLOW solution it worked like a charm. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Best regards Christian Winde
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