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  1. Hi! it is me again, if someone could help me I wuold really appreciate! what does this means in the ScreenOutput? what kind of problems is there? Average wave height = 3.3785 1 propagation Column 78 run-time error M6201: MATH - atan2: DOMAIN error Image PC Routine Line Source wabed.exe 0042FED9 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 0042FD37 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 0042FE91 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 00431E68 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 004542EC Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 004506A8 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 0042BAF3 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 0040DCA6 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 00456289 Unknown Unknown Unknown wabed.exe 0044AB94 Unknown Unknown Unknown kernel32.dll 7C816FD7 Unknown Unknown Unknown thank you gio
  2. Hi! I really appreciate if someone could help me. I am still doing the steering m2d-wabed. The picture is part of what i am dealing with. I assigned to the cells next to the detached breakwater the attibute "hardbottom". The problem is that some of these cells close to the boundary become blank and no more cells in the M2d during the steering.... Therefore, the wabed run unsuccessfully after that. can someone tell me why? If i do not use the hard bottom method i have avalancing problems. bye Gio
  3. Thank you for reply! I am dealing with watanabe formula and my results are so far from reality: I am getting so low results that I think I calibrate the coefficients of the formula in the worng way. I read in the link that the transport slope coefficient vary from 5 to 30, is 5 generally used for steep bed slopes and 30 for gentle ones?I understand that values vary site by site but i am just asking to have an idea. thank you all ...hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!! gio
  4. Hi, if someone can help me again I will be very happy. I am using the cms-m2d and I am some trouble in assiging the coefficient of Lund cirp or Watanabe formula: what is meant by "transport slope coefficient" in Lund Cirp and Watanabe formula? thank you so much Gio
  5. Gio

    M2d Grid

    Hi, it is me again! thank you for the reply! I'm not sure what limits M2D has on the number of cells. The number of cells is limited inside of SMS by the amount of RAM that a 32bit process can use (2 Gigabytes). A grid 1800x4050 would be over 7 million cells which I don't think SMS could handle. Actually, the number of cells is 32400 because the cell is a square of 15m side. PS I moved this topic from wave models to hydraulic models because M2D is a hyrdaulic model. sorry for that! I am trying to do the steering with the WABED. The M2d grid is smaller than the Wabed one but i would like to know if there are any limitations in positioning the m2d grid: - how far from the shore it has to be placed in order to not affect the results? - has the origin of the m2d grid to be placed on the border of the WABED grid? - one or more vertices of the m2d grid has to dovetail? thank you so much gio p.s= I did the steering few times and i noticed that some cells of the wabed that i assigned as land became ocean. why???? thank you
  6. Gio

    M2d Grid

    Hi, I am trying to use M2d and i am having some problems dealing with grid dimension and time step simulation. I am wondering which is the maximum number of cells that I can use in order to run the program successfully. Right now, I am using a grid 1800mx4050m with square cell 15 m wide but it doesn't run properly and it also takes so much time, can someone help me? thank you gio
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