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    Hi~ I have problem for stream (SFR2), How do i know the SFR2 total flow, not flow in and flow out. Like the river observation flow. Thank you. My GMS is 7.1
  2. Alan, Thank you for your answer In FEMWATER, set the maximum number of pumping wells is 60? Because I set the number of pumping wells is 105. However model simulations shows "PS1 card, MAX. NUMBER OF WELLS FOR FLOW=61 > MXWNPH=60" How do I solve the problem is limited to the number of pumping wells? Thank you.
  3. Hello~everyone I have a question about setting the pumping wells for FEMWATER I use GMS 7.1. and i use Map data setting pumping well, when i use Map to FEMWATER show the " Warning: No 3D mesh nodes lie within the screened interval of well id = 8731." how can i do?
  4. I want to simulate the recharge effect also the unsaturated zone formed by the river recharge. Which boundary types should I choose to simulate this river recharge in FEMWATER? Fixed head boundary or the fixed flux boundary?
  5. thanks, simon. i has email to your email. if you get it, please tell me.
  6. What is your e-mail? My model bottom elevation is 280m, top elevation is 320m. In 280m-305m is C layer, in 305m-315m is B layer, 315m-320m is A layer. In back boundary of B layer has one row flow, and in top boundary has rain, and in front boundary of B layer has constant head 10.336m. Initial conditions i choose "compute from constant total head" total head 280m.
  7. thank's for your answer. I has check units of all the boundary conditions, In my B layer the hydraulic conductivity is 0.4(m/h),and C layer the hydraulic conductivity is 3.6*10^-6(m/h). The front boundary only to B layer is constant head is 10.336m(for one Atmospheric pressure), and back boundary only to B layer has one row flow(0.1 m/h).and i don't know my Practice is ok? or has better solve methods?
  8. Thank you, i has solve this problem. i manually delete obsolete XY1 series in the 3bc file. If I have a model, there are three tiers from top to bottom (A、B and C);(A and B ) is the permeable layer, C layer is impermeable layer; If I want to only allow groundwater exists in the c layer above, C under no groundwater, and A layer exists above the rain. If I adding flow on back boundary. The front boundaries use constant head. If I use steady, the groundwater to fill my study area. If use transient, then Simulation time more than 600HR…how can I to solve this problem?
  9. So, if my length unit is metres, then Max height above the water table is metres too? i have problem,i use flow bc and flow value is transient, then put in time(h) flow trans.(m/h) 1 0.005 24 0.01 48 0.05 72 0.01 why i run model show xy1 card:the XY series card =13059 > MXXYS=250 stop?
  10. Thank you for your answer,and I have some questions: 1.material input the compressibility is the Modified compressibilty? 2.In van Genuchten Curve Generator, What does that mean of Max. height above water table?
  11. I had solved this problem, thank you, and i have other problem need help, 1.Now my computer display legend is random code, and my computer system is win 7, that is good before. 2.In initial conditions, I use hot start and save, that display "your output pressure head filename is the same as your initial condition pressure head file name. The initial condition file will be overwritten. select OK to continue or cancel stop." that is OK?
  12. If the meshing options i did not choice refind elements,most of the grid is pentahedral, but some are tetrahedral, and i press the check simulation option displays Error: Element 1 is a five nodes element etc. If i use horizon to 3D mesh and run model, that will be displays error:total nodes and elements did not match 7206 36336. and how to do solve this problem?
  13. Sorry, How do I use the wedge / pentahedral to 3d mesh?
  14. I'm use Boreholes, Horizon to 3d mesh, in meshing options: minimum element thickness, i choose 1m. refind elements, i choose refind layers with pyramid elements. subdivide material layers, i choose target layer thickness.
  15. I have a new question, I run model display the error: total nodes and elements did not match 2887 4737. How do I solve this problem?
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