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  1. I encourge this suggestion. I also really think, this would help a lot.
  2. Hey Alan, I installed the latest nightly build and it really solved the problem with the “Assigning grid node elevations ” - it is now really fast again!!
  3. I encountered the same problems while executing the command "Map to Modflow"... using GMS 9.1 or GMS 9.2. I always get the status bar message: “Assigning grid node elevations“ and it will take forever
  4. I also really thing this would help a lot I rally encourge this suggestion
  5. I would appreciated this, in particulary respective the display-order of image-files.
  6. As far as I know there wasn'tany updates - so the problem still persists
  7. It would be great if the elevation attribute of a contour would also be mapped to the contours while using the MapInfo File Interchange format (.mif) for exporting, similar to exporting to arc shape files. Right now all contours have no elevation at all. In contrast to arc shape files created by GMS, Manifold can read the .mif files created by GMS so this would probably be a workaround for that problem also.
  8. I'm using Manifold 8.0 and I found out, that Manifold can read the polygon shape files created by GMS 8.1 but not the arc shape files. As a work around I tried to use the MapInfo interchange format (.mif) but using this format the head assigned to contours are not mapped to the contours exported so it is more or less useless.
  9. I've update to version 64 bit, Build Date: Sep 28 2011and the bug still persists. I also encountered this bug in the latest version of GMS 8.0 . Is there any workaround?? And witch version will be working without that bug?? Do I have to switch back to the latest GMS 7?
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