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  1. mithun

    RMA4 theory

    Thank you sooooooooo.... much. You guys really cool. Mithun
  2. mithun

    RMA4 theory

    I am very much interested to know the background theory of RMA4 module of SMS 10.1. Please anyone who want to help me to complete my undergraduate THESIS give me the link of RMA4 theory or equations that have been used to run this module. I am assuring you that it's only for me educational purpose. I will be very glad to get the links. Thanks Mithun
  3. Hi, I have again uploaded my corrected project file as you stated and also sent a e-mail to your given address. Thanks and regards, Mithun
  4. Hi, I uploaded my project as you stated & also send an email to your given mail address. thanks for your support, its really appreciable . Regards, Mithun.
  5. Hi, Thanks man. It really helped. Regards, Mithun.
  6. Hi, i am working on RMA2 module. Model check shows that there is no technical problem. But during simulation when "Run Model" is assigned then there is a problem in simulation. Thus full execution of model is not done. Before completion of total simulation it terminates. i tried to solve this problem but i do not understand it. I am also attaching its "output.txt" file with this post. At the end of this text file it show that problem is there. As i dnt understand what it told so i am looking forward if any one could tell me what's the problem. If know then please help to get through this. Regards, Mithun. output.txt
  7. Hi! I think i should give thanks to the "Forum members", who gave answers of my previous posts. Today i like to share another problem of my one of my going project. I have completed entire mesh of a river. It is necessary for me to assign three different material properties for this river (i.e. Left_bank, Center_bank, Right_bank). But unfortunately, i can't , it shows me only one material of the whole section. So, it will be very helpful if i get this thing done. so who will help me again. Mithun.
  8. mithun

    Undo Tool

    Hi, I want to know about how can i undo in SMS 10.1. Without knowing it is becoming difficult for me to work easily.I will be glad if anyone answer me. Sikder
  9. Hey, Thank you. I just got actual distance and its accuracy 99%. Cheers, Sikder
  10. HEY, Problem now when we input UTM value then distance sms showing is 3.3 times less than original one. I done for several locations but every its 3.3times less.What about that? cheers, Sikder
  11. Hi, yes, i am trying to input latitude(i.e. 23°42'32.64"N) & longitude(i.e. 90°23'30.40"E) as x,y respectively but could not able to do that.After input it takes both lat & long as value of "x" .Then i picked again latitude(i.e.23.7102) and longitude(i.e.90.3924)(decimal degree) two data points from google earth. it takes but length between two points didn't match.How can i get this thing done?SAy actually its 300 feet but sms shows that its 2 feet only.
  12. Hi, How can i input longitude & latitude as x,y in scatter data entry? IS it possible in SMS 10.1?So far problem is that its taking longitude & latitude together as "x" in scatter data entry. With regards, M Sikder.
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