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  1. Alan, thank you for help. I checked the condition files and I think that in *.eng file SMS write automatically a irregular line about the wind-generated spectra. I think it because my simulation is "only propagation" simulation but at line 25 after the Frequencies parameters and the symbol # there is written 1 0.0 145.0 0.08 0.0 528872.1143016 4090879.001541. I think I found a line as 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0. I cheked the operations that I set model control panel, but I do them correctly. I try to change it manually but every "lunch STWAVE" operation, it returns to be equal how I descr
  2. Good Morning, we have some problem using STWAVE v. 6.0.17 [built: (2012-3-19 12:00) OPTIONS: (REAL32, opt )]. We re-installed our SMS 11.0.5 on PC with Windows 7 Home edition 32 bit and now, every STWAVE simulation finished immediately, without creating output file, or creating output files with WAVE or PERIOD value with a range bad. For example with a simulation with this spectra with "propagation only" mode: - ANGLE ( meteorologic) : 135 °N - Hs: 1 m - Tp: 10 s - gamma : 3.3 - nn: 4 - gauge depth:100 m but in the grid cell output value for depth near 100 m I have: -Hs: 9 m - Direction
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