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  1. Dear all, I am conducting a research regarding the residence time in the coastal semienclosed areas (harbour, lagoon, etc.). I would to use the PTM model (inside the SMS10.0) to find a spatial distribution of residence time in a semi-enclosed domain in order to find the zones with low hydrodinamic energy conditions. Is it possible? Which parameters can I consider? Looking forward your reply, best regards Simone Bonamano
  2. Hello everybody, I am trying to developing wave power fields using SMS 9.2 and I need to model the peak period in my domain. can you please tell me which one is the most suitable wave model within the sms package? thank you very much
  3. Hi, How can I convert ADCIRC solution to RMA2 solution in order to use RMA4 model? Thank you in advance. Simone
  4. Thank you for your answer. I'm using SMS 9.2 and I would use a solution of ADCIRC for initial condition of M2D.
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