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  1. Hi, I am trying to use PHT3D for modelling a system with kinetic reactons. Can anyone suggest a tutorial or a research paper on how to do this? Thank you Kanchana
  2. Hi, I developed a RT3D user defined reaction module using GMS 10.3. I used VS 2010 with Visual Fortran XE2011. Due to licence issues, now I have to use VS 2017 with Fortran XE 2018. But now when I copy my DLL files to RT3D directory, rename and run BATCHRXN.exe, it gives errors as the attached photo.Therefore I cannot run my user defined RT3D module now. Does anyone use VS 2017 with Fortran XE 2018 for creati ng DLL files for GMS 10.3- RT3D user defined reaction modules? If not, can someone please let me know what are the fortran compilers you use? Thank you very much Kanchana
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