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  1. Thank you very much for your quick replies, Sean! It is very appreciated.
  2. Thank you greatly for your reply! I will try to make it transient. If I want to look at the effects of the drawdown on nearby buildings, do you recommend me to look at the level depicted in the upper layer only? Or does the lower layer also contain vital information since the levels are vastly different from the upper layer? I have a hard time interpreting this "behaviour" of the model and which results to use in further analysis...
  3. Dear GMS community, I have two layer model where the upper layer is quite permeable (K=10^-4 m/s) and the lower one consists of clay (K=10^-9 m/s). My stationary model works fine and is nicely calibrated with only a small error. However, when I try to lower the groundwater level with the DRT-package to a level in Layer 2, I get huge errors and my model can't converge. If I change the conductance of the drain so that the groundwater level is still in layer 1 everything works, although I get the dubious response of the groundwater level barely being lowered in layer 1 and the hydraulic potential being at the desired level +37 m in layer 2 (please see the attached image). I’m using MODFLOW NWT and UPW flow package, as well as the HBF-package to simulate sheet pile walls in layer 1 within which the groundwater level will be lowered. Can anyone please help me and give me some ideas as to why the model cannot reach a solution simulating this scenario? And also if you have an idea of how the model behavior in the attached picture is possible, I would greatly appreciate it. Best regards, Clara
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