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    Adding Drain Cells

    Thanks! I have edited them with the selection and Dialogue Box. A little onerous but its modelling. Recreating a New Conceptual model out of this 4,000,000 node model might be a BIG task for me. Is this possible by exporting and then importing to a New Conceptual frame work? Also - I am looking to evaluate individual drain node flows. I can only get total flow when selecting one or more nodes. I would like to export the CCF for a select number of drain cells to graph and evaluate.
  2. HI - I am new to GMS. I have imported an existing USGS model. I want to add new and/or revised drain cells using the arc tool. I tried making a new conceptual coverage but the coverage setup dialogue options are greyed out. Is it not possible to revise and existing model by using the conceptual pathway? I also note that the existing Drains are not shown in the Project Manager. Thanks
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