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  1. additional clarification, we are also able to run PEST with the pilot points if we do not have preferred value regularization enabled or preferred homogeneous regularization enabled.
  2. Hi All! We are building a model using Modflow-USG and are trying to calibrate it with PEST. We are currently experiencing an error when we try to parameterize our recharge with pilot points. We don't experience the error when we parameterize our hydraulic conductivities with pilot points, only recharge. We also do not experience this error when calibrating recharge with a single homogenous value for the parameter rather than pilot points. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this error before or knows a work around or solution to it. We are setting up the pilot points according to the tutorial procedure here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gmstutorials-10.4.aquaveo.com/MODFLOW-PestPilotPoints.pdf. The attached screen shots show our error script and parameter sets. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all and have a great rest of your week.
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