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  1. Hello, I am working in SEAWAT and my model is transient. It covers long period of time (50 years) with time step of 20 days. That is around 915 stress periods. Simulations has converged successfully but I am not able to open it again and to see the results. The whole file that SEAWAT created is 200 GB big (!!!). Error that I get is: "Error reading HDF5 file" with details: "Error reading scalar binary file(activearray)." and "Error writing to binary dataset file. Scalar not stored! (Check permissions or disk space on current device." A few times the warning was that it is needed to create file mapping. I am not sure why I get this warning since I have 16 GB RAM pc with more that 120 GB of free disk space. Can you please give me advice how to solve this problem? And also, is it possible to reduce size of output files that SEWAT creates? Thank you, Iva
  2. Hi everyone, I am working on my multi layer model in MODFLOW-USG. In the middle of the model I have a big river. For that river I have defined river bed and head stage as TINs. I am trying to Map it in MODFLOW-USG as polygon but there are too many errors (although conceptual model looks fine). Most common errors are "Stage elevation is below river bed" and "River stage is below cell bottom elevation". A few time I succeed to start MODFLOW but the heads were too high and low (-2e-17 to 2e+12). Also there are many dry cells close to the river. What is the best way to deal with this kind of problem? Is River Package even good enough for problems like this or should I use Stream (STR or SFR2)? On the photo there are my TINs for river bed and head stage. Thank you for your answers
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