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  1. Hi all, I am currently looking at the impact of elevation on the hydraulic heads in a three layer model in Modflow 6 for elevations of 1, 5 and 10 degrees. To create elevation I am manually entering values within the top and bottom elevation packages. However when running the model the cells seem to flood substantially. I have investigated the effect of recharge and hydraulic conductivity however, despite using a wide range of values for these parameters the cells in the top layer still flood substantially. I wanted to check if the problem was related to how I constructed the model and input the elevation. Are there other methods of defining elevation within Modflow6? I have attached below images of the conceptual for flat and sloping scenario for reference. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Matthew Conceptual models.pptx
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    Hi I am running a two layer elevated aquifer in modflow with the hydraulic conductivity of the lower level reduced to a negligible value to explore the impact of elevation on the water table. The problem I am having is that water is leaking into the lower aquifer. Does anyone know of an alternative way to replicate this scenario in Modflow? Thanks
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